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Tackling noncommunicable diseases in Bangladesh : now is the time (English)

This report is organized in such a way that the key policy options and strategic priorities are based on the country context, including the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and associated risk factors and the existing capacity of the health system. ... See More +

Publication 80752 AUG 21, 2013

Ahsan,Karar Zunaid; El-Saharty,Sameh; Engelgau,Michael Maurice; Koehlmoos,Tracey Lynn Perez Disclosed

The economic burden of cancers on Indian households (English)

The authors assessed the burden of cancer on households’ out-of-pocket health spending, non-medical consumption, workforce participation, and debt and asset sales using data from a nationally representative health and morbidity survey in India for 2004 of nearly 74 thousand households. ... See More +

Journal Article 102485 AUG 12, 2013

Mahal,Ajay S.; Anup Karan; Victoria Y. Fan; Engelgau,Michael Maurice Disclosed

The economic impact on households and nations of NCDs : a review of existing evidence (English)

In developing countries, the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) disease and risk factor burdens are shifting toward the poor. Treating chronic diseases can be expensive. ... See More +

Journal Article 79436 SEP 14, 2011

Engelgau, Michael; Rosenhouse, Sandra; El-Saharty, Sameh; Mahal, Ajay Disclosed

Capitalizing on the demographic transition : tackling non communicable diseases in South Asia (English)

This book looks primarily at Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) and tobacco use because they account for a disproportionate amount of the Non Communicable Disease (NCD) burden the focus is strategic rather than comprehensive. ... See More +

Publication 62260 JUN 02, 2011

Engelgau,Michael Maurice; Kudesia,Preeti; Okamoto,Kyoko; Rajan,Vikram Sundara; Rosenhouse,Sandra; El-Saharty,Sameh Disclosed

Prevention and control of selected chronic NCDs in Sri Lanka : policy options and action (English)

Strategic decisions to reorient population-based prevention and clinic- and hospital-based care policies toward non-communicable diseases (NCDs) will enable healthier aging and reduce loss of productivity among the working-age population in Sri Lanka. ... See More +

Working Paper 57563 OCT 01, 2010

Engelgau, Michael; Okamoto, Kyoko; Navaratne, Kumari Vinodhani; Gopalan, Sundararajan Disclosed

The economic implications of non-communicable disease for India (English)

This report contributes to the literature on the economic implications of non-communicable disease (NCDs) in developing countries by focusing on the case of India. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 52913 JAN 01, 2010

Karan, Anup; Engelgau, Michael; Mahal, Ajay Disclosed