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Enrollment without learning : teacher effort, knowledge, and skill in primary schools in Africa (English)

School enrollment has universally increased over the last 25 years in low-income countries. Enrolling in school, however, does not assure that children learn. ... See More +

Journal Article 122571 NOV 01, 2017

Rockmore,Christophe; Martin,Gayle; Filmer,Deon P.; Bold,Tessa; Stacy,Brian William; Molina,Ezequiel; Wane,Waly; Svensson,Jakob Disclosed

The impact of strengthening agricultural extension services : evidence from Ethiopia (English)

This paper evaluates the effect of the Rural Capacity Building Project, which aimed at promoting growth by strengthening the agricultural service systems in Ethiopia and by making them more responsive to smallholders' needs. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8169 AUG 18, 2017

Buehren,Niklas; Goldstein,Markus P.; Molina,Ezequiel; Vaillant,Julia Disclosed

What do teachers know and do ? does it matter ? evidence from primary schools in Africa (English)

School enrollment has universally increased over the past 25 years in low-income countries. However, enrolling in school does not guarantee that children learn. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7956 JAN 26, 2017

Bold,Tessa; Filmer,Deon P.; Martin,Gayle; Molina,Ezequiel; Rockmore,Christophe; Stacy,Brian William; Svensson,Jakob; Wane,Waly Disclosed

The governance game (English)

In this paper, the authors use the lab to test a series of policy proposals designed to constrain rent-seeking behaviour in a policymaking context. ... See More +

Working Paper 112876 JAN 01, 2017

Banuri,Sheheryar; Bulman,David Janoff; F. Lopez-Calva,Luis; Molina,Ezequiel; Safir,Abla; Sharma,Siddharth Disclosed

Clientelism in the public sector : why public service reforms may not succeed and what to do about it (English)

The World Development Report 2017 Governance and the Law (World Bank, 2017) highlights the intimate connection between the effectiveness of policy reforms and governance. ... See More +

World Development Report 113420 JAN 01, 2017

Bold,Tessa; Molina,Ezequiel; Safir,Abla Disclosed

Outcomes, opportunity and development : why unequal opportunities and not outcomes hinder economic development (English)

This paper studies the relationship between inequality of opportunity and development outcomes in a cross-country setting. Scholars have long debated the impact of inequality on growth, development, and the quality of institutions in a society. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6735 DEC 01, 2013

Molina, Ezequiel; Narayan, Ambar; Saavedra-Chanduvi, Jaime Disclosed

Does participation in productive associations signal trust and creditworthiness ? evidence for Nicaragua (English)

This article studies the extent to which participation in productive associations in Nicaragua contributes to increase individuals' access to social programs and credit services. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4512 FEB 01, 2008

Angel-Urdinola, Diego F.; Molina, Ezequiel Disclosed