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Public policy for the private sector (English)

The East Asian financial crisis - fallout for private power projects, by R. David Gray and John Schuster. Contingent liabilities for infrastructure projects - implementing a risk management framework for governments, by Christopher Lewis and Ashoka Mody. ... See More +

Newsletter 21277 SEP 30, 1998

Gray, R. David; Schuster, John; Lewis, Christopher; Mody, Ashoka; Haarmeyer, David; Law, Peter; De Franco, Nelson; O'Leary, Donal; Charpentier, Jean-Pierre; Minogue,Diane; Shirley, Mary; Silva, Gisele; Tynan, Nicola; Yilmaz, Yesim Disclosed

Promoting regional power trade - the Southern African power pool (English)

The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP), the first formal international pool to be set outside North American and Western Europe, was inaugurated in 1995. ... See More +

Viewpoint 18347 JUN 30, 1998

Charpentier,Jean-Pierre; Minogue,Diane Catherine; O'Leary,Donal T. Disclosed

Clean coal technologies for developing countries (English)

This report on clean coal technologies (CCTs) examines their performance, costs, and suitability for use by developing countries. The paper reviews in detail for each technology key elements including basic technological features, performance levels, commercial availability, costs of operation, time required for construction, suitability for developing countries, and issues affecting deployment. ... See More +

Publication WTP286 JUL 01, 1995

Tavoulareas, E. Stratos; Charpentier, Jean-Pierre

Public policy for the private sector (English)

Franchising and privatization; by Antony W. Dnes. Tradable property rights to water; by Mateen Thobani. Privatization through broad-based ownership strategies; by Stuart Bell. ... See More +

Newsletter 47578 MAR 01, 1995

Dnes, Antony W.; Thobani, Mateen; Bell, Stuart; Ramachandran, S.; Charpentier, Jean-Pierre; Schenk, K.; Condon, Timothy; Fleisig, Heywood;; Montes-Negret, Fernando; Keppler, Robert; Mozes, Dan; Scott, David H.; Disclosed