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Ecuador - An economic and social agenda in the new millennium (English)

Ecuador is at a crossroads in the early years of the new millennium. Political, economic, and social instability have long affected the country’s path of development. ... See More +

Policy Note 69625 JAN 01, 2012

Giugale, Marcelo; Fretes-Cibils, Vicente; Somensatto, Eduardo Disclosed

Revisiting Ecuador's : economic and social agenda in an evolving landscape (English)

The policy notes for Ecuador are part of a series of books that the Bank prepares periodically summarizing its accumulated knowledge on the economic and social issues of member countries. ... See More +

Publication 45399 JUN 20, 2008

Fretes-Cibils, Vicente; Giugale, Marcelo; Somensatto, Eduardo Disclosed

Tradeoffs from hedging oil price risk in Ecuador (English)

The oil sector is critical to Ecuador's economy, contributing about 17 percent to the country's GDP. Ecuador began exporting crude oil in 1972 and over the past two and a half decades oil has become the country's most important sector. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1792 JUN 30, 1997

Satyanarayan, Sudhakar; Somensatto, Eduardo

Ecuador's sucretization program : a history of the monetary effects of private sector external debt conversion (English)

Internal Discussion Paper IDP133 SEP 30, 1993

Bayas, Santiago; Somensatto, Eduardo Eligible for Disclosure