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Broadband strategies toolkit : main report (English)

The “Broadband Strategies Toolkit” focuses on developing countries, based on previous World Bank work. The toolkit is a modular global knowledge-product that: (1) demonstrates how broadband enables economic and social development and (2) provides developing country policy-makers and regulators with the tools to create strategies, design policies, and implement programs that expand the reach and increase the use of broadband ICTs so as to reap the developmental benefits they facilitate. ... See More +

Working Paper 120164 JUN 03, 2014

Kelly,Tim; Yamamichi,Masatake; Hernandez, Janet; Maddens-Toscano, Sofie; Wye, David; Ure,John Colin; Nicholls, Rob; Frieden,Robert M.; Katz,Raul Luciano; Minges,Michael Disclosed

Information and communications for development 2012 : maximizing mobile (English)

This 2012 edition of the World Bank's information and communications for development report analyzes the growth and evolution of mobile telephony, and the rise of data-based services delivered to handheld devices, including apps. ... See More +

Publication 72236 AUG 15, 2012

Kelly, Tim; Friederici, Nicolas; Minges, Michael; Yamamichi, Masatake Disclosed

Mobile applications for the health sector (English)

Mobile health (mHealth) the use of mobile technology applications for healthcare is a young and dynamic field that could improve the well-being of people around the world. ... See More +

Other Infrastructure Study 72604 APR 01, 2012

Qiang, Christine Zhenwei; Yamamichi, Masatake; Hausman, Vicky; Miller, Robin Disclosed

The role of mobile-enabled social media in social development (English)

A number of countries recently experienced protest organized by citizens that were in pursuit of accountability and openness from government. It was witnessed that social media played a highly important role in those events; among others, continuously providing updated information, establishing human networks, forming opinions, mobilizing people, and taking concerted action. ... See More +

Working Paper 63569 JUL 25, 2011

Yamamichi, Masatake Disclosed