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IEG review of 20 World Bank-funded projects in tiger landscapes (English)

Biodiversity is critical to maintaining the integrity of ecosystems and the ecological processes that support species and human well-being. The world is facing an unprecedented rate of species extinction: one in eight bird species, one in four mammals, and one in three amphibians are threatened. ... See More +

Publication 63684 JAN 01, 2011

Worden, Richard Carlos; Rees, Colin Disclosed

Environmental assessment sourcebook updates 2002, numbers 27-28 (English)

Contents: Financial intermediary lending and environmental assessment, by Aidan Davy and Colin Rees. Wetlands and environmental assessment, by Colin Rees. ... See More +

Working Paper 34068 JAN 01, 2002

Davy, Aidan; Rees, Colin Disclosed

Environment matters at the World Bank : annual review - fall 1998 (English)

The fall issue of the annual review on the environment highlights the World Bank's work in FY98 in the promotion of sustainable use of resources. ... See More +

Publication 18540 JAN 01, 1998

Watson,Robert T.; Mercier, Jean-Roger; Dore, Giovanna; Eliste, Paavo; Soderstrom, Sari; Redwood, John; Collier, J.B.; Arif, Sherif; Brandon, Carter; Miller, Shawn; Doran, Lee; Margulis, Sergio; Vetleseter, Tonje; Hirji, Rafik; Dixon, John; Feinstein, Charles; Payton, Odil; Poore, Kerri; Bradford, Bonnie; Newcombe, Ken; Blaser, Juergen; Canby, Kerstin; Rees, Colin; Hanrahan, David; Wheeler, David; Keene, Michelle; Shaman,David

Animals under threat (English)

The 1996 Red List of Threatened Animals is a warning flag, signaling for global attention to the perilous status of many species. It is estimated that 25 percent of mammal species and 11 percent of bird species are threatened with extinction, along with 20 percent of reptiles, 25 percent of amphibians and 34 percent of fish (mostly freshwater). ... See More +

Newsletter 18292 APR 30, 1997

Rabb, George B.; Baillie, Jonathan; Tressler, Susan [editor]; Rees, Colin [editor]

Environment matters at the World Bank (English)

Five years after Rio : the World Bank's environmental professionals take stock; by Andrew Steer. Persuasion and incentives : new ways to achieve a cleaner world; by Hanrahan, David. ... See More +

Publication 21284 APR 30, 1997

Fleming, Clare [editor]; Steer, Andrew; Hanrahan, David; Landrigan, Steven; Briscoe, John; Asad, Musa; Davis, Sandy; Agarwal, Anil; Rees, Colin; Whitford, Peter; Hancock, Lucy; Post, Jan; Lintner, Steve; Tandberg, Eivind; Hamilton, Kirk; Kunte, Aru; Dixon, John

Environment matters at the World Bank (English)

Letter from Vice President Al Gore. President's letter. Overview: the Bank's environment community takes stock. Solving the water crisis together: the global water partnership. ... See More +

Publication 17631 JAN 01, 1997

Agarwal, Anil; Wolfensohn, James D.; Gore, Al; Osborn, Derek; Steer, Andrew; Hanrahan, David; Landrigan, Steven; Asad, Musa; Davis, Sandy; Rees, Colin; Whitford, Peter; Hancock, Lucy; Post, Jan; Lintner, Steve; Tandberg, Eivind; Hamilton, Kirk; Kunte, Aru; Dixon, John

Environmental assessment sourcebook updates 1997 (English)

Health aspects of environmental assessment; by Martin Birley, Melba Gomes, Aidan Davy, and James Winpenny. Assessing the environmental impact of urban development; by Josef Lloyd Leitmann. ... See More +

Working Paper 21926 JAN 01, 1997

Kjorven, Olav; Davy, Aidan [editors]; Birley, Martin; Gomes, Melba; Winpenny, James; Listorti, Jim; Leitmann, Josef Lloyd; Rees, Colin; Cowley, Christine

Making development sustainable : from concepts to action (English)

Since the establishment of the Environment Department in 1987, the Bank has made a concentrated effort to incorporate environmental concerns into its lending and advisory activities. ... See More +

Publication 13547 SEP 30, 1994

Serageldin, Ismail [editor]; Steer, Andrew [editor]; Cernea, Michael M.; Dixon, John A.; Lutz, Ernst; Margulis, Sergio; Munasinghe, Mohan; Rees, Colin Disclosed

Conserving biological diversity : a strategy for protected areas in the Asia-Pacific region (English)

Loss of biological diversity through the extinction of species, the conversion and degradation of natural habitats, and the disruption of ecological processes, is occurring throughout the world at an unprecendented rate. ... See More +

Publication WTP193 NOV 30, 1992

Braatz, Susan; Davis, Gloria; Shen, Susan; Rees, Colin

Environment bulletin (vol. 1, no. 3) (English)

Newsletter 109769 JUL 01, 1989

Zador,Michele Helen; Trolldalen,Jon M.; Sebastian,Iona; Mastri, Laurence; Rees,Colin P.; Taboroff,June Eligible for Disclosure