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La revolucion silenciosa : el ascenso de la participacion politica y de las ciudades lideres con la descentralizacion en America Latina (Spanish)

The book documents two revolutionary patterns in Latin America, decentralization and democratization, ascertaining which aspects affect local reforms -- reforms which are vital for the sustainability of long-term growth in the region. ... See More +

Publication 38533 JAN 01, 2005

Campbell, Tim Disclosed

The city to city challenge in Ghana, Morocco, Tajikistan, and the United States (English)

This project consists of a pilot effort to demonstrate feasibility of international municipal cooperation in achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by cities in Part II countries. ... See More +

Working Paper 30762 MAY 01, 2004

Campbell, Tim E.; Marjanovic, Svetlana

Leadership and innovation in subnational government ; case studies from Latin America (English)

This book is about inventing successes and good practices of governments that are "closer to the people." Numerous examples throughout Latin America indicate-often despite macroeconomic instability, high inflation, and strong top-down regulation-that subnational actors have repeatedly achieved what their central counterparts preached: sound policymaking, better administration, better services, more participation, and sustained economic development. ... See More +

Publication 28821 JAN 01, 2004

Fuhr,Harald L.; Campbell,Tim E. Disclosed

Development outreach 5 (3) : unknown cities (English)

Cities and citizens; by James D. Wolfensohn. Urban air pollution management; by Frannie A. Leautier. Unknown cities : Metropolis, identity and governance in a global world; by Tim E. ... See More +

Newsletter 29668 NOV 01, 2003

McNeil, Mary [editor]; Wolfensohn, James D.; Leautier, Frannie A.; Campbell, Tim E.; Sachs, Jeffrey D.; Yusuf, Shaid; Nabeshima, Kaoru; Bandarin, Francesco; Serra, M. Vitor; Soule, Jeffrey; Dunin, Lubomir Ficinski; Savir, Uri; Avrampoulous, Dimitris L.; Koro, Emmanuel Disclosed

Innovations and risk taking : the engine of reform in local government in Latin America and the Caribbean (English)

This report summarizes a study by the Technical Department of the Latin America and the Caribbean region designed to deepen understanding of innovation in local government. ... See More +

Publication WDP357 MAR 31, 1997

Campbell, Tim

The urban age - innovations in urban management 3(4) (English)

Negotiating change: building local democracy in South Africa. Innovative urban management practices. Institutional behavior change in Tunisian municipalities. ... See More +

Newsletter 17449 JAN 31, 1996

Swilling, Mark; Cheema, G. Shabbir; Yacoob, May; Bendahmane, Diane; Paul, Samuel; Campbell, Tim; Katz, Travis; Serageldin, Mona; Kipta, Ewa; Fouad, Randa Disclosed

The urban age - the human environment of cities (3,2) (English)

Bombay: one city - two worlds. The human face of the urban environment. Urban development program in Calcutta integrates environmental concerns. ... See More +

Newsletter 17447 JUN 30, 1995

McNeil, Mary; Biswas, Kalyan; Leman, Edward; Burley, Mike; Shluger, Ephim; Hideaki Hoshina; Kigotho, Wachira; Girardet, Herbert; Montefiore, Simon Sebag; Solomon, Lisa; Foreman, Jonathan; Landry, Charles; Cohen, Michael; Campbell, Tim Disclosed

Participation, choice, and accountability in local government : LAC and the U.S. (English)

The purposes of this paper are to: a) delve more deeply into participation as a mode of accountability; b) highlight forms of participation in local government experience in United States, where citizen-government interaction has been the subject of experiment over many decades; c) distinguish Nongovernmental organizations from other "primary" grass roots organizations making a bid to participate in local governments in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region; and d) with these perspectives, form a reference point for gauging the utility of participatory mechanisms now emerging with decentralization in the region. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 19831 MAY 11, 1993

Campbell, Tim; Munoz, Eric; Morgan, Mara