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Export structure and growth : a detailed analysis for Argentina (English)

This paper examines recent changes in the structure of Argentine exports and the implications for future growth. The authors find that the current export structure of Argentina is not conducive to future growth because it is dominated by low-productivity goods that tend to be exported by low-income countries. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4237 MAY 01, 2007

Guerson, Alejandro; Parks, James; Torrado, Monica Parra Disclosed

Algeria : inflation in the transition (English)

Internal Discussion Paper IDP84 FEB 28, 1991

Khadr, Ali; Parks, James Eligible for Disclosure

Transition 2 (1) (English)

The contents of this socialist economies in transition newsletter include: stabilization efforts in Poland and Yugoslavia - early lessons; study on the Soviet Union - interview with John Holaen; convertibility for Eastern Europe; quotation of the month - 'go carefully on trade' vs. ... See More +

Newsletter 53834 JAN 01, 1991

Coricelli, Fabrizio; de Rezende Rocha, Roberto; Portes, Richard; Sachs, Jeffrey; Khadr, Ali; Parks, James Disclosed

Socialist economies in transition 1 (3) (English)

The contents of this socialist economies in transition newsletter include: conference on privatization and ownership in Eastern and Central Europe; the road to a free economy; Algeria: sequencing liberalization; the Bank's Eastern and Central European program; quotation of the month; on the World Bank/International Monetary Fund (IMF) agenda; book and working paper briefs; letters to the editor; and bibliography or selected articles. ... See More +

Newsletter 53827 JUN 01, 1990

Kornai, Janos; Parks, James; Gelb, Alan Disclosed

Fiscal deficit, growth and inflation : a macroeconomic framework for Tunisia (English)

Internal Discussion Paper IDP45 JUL 31, 1989

Akin-Karasapan, Aysegul; Parks, James; Razmara, Setareh Eligible for Disclosure

A macroeconomic framework for an open economy (English)

Internal Discussion Paper IDP27 DEC 31, 1988

Gray, Cheryl; Parks, James; Ziller, Bernard Eligible for Disclosure

The adjustment of a dependent, oil exporting country to a fall in world oil prices (English)

This paper analyzes the welfare impact of an adjustment by a small, dependent, oil exporting economy, facing foreign borrowing constraints, to a 30 percent drop in the world oil price. ... See More +

Internal Discussion Paper IDP26 DEC 31, 1988

Grais,Wafik; Parks,James Disclosed