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A vision for development : dialogues on the work of Vinod Thomas (English)

This book examines the 35-year career of Vinod Thomas. He spent those 35 years within the World Bank Group in different positions and in different regions. ... See More +

Publication 73355 JAN 01, 2011

Rist, Ray C. [editor]; Wolfensohn, James D.; Thomas, Vinod; Summers, Lawrence H.l; Fischer, Stanley; Leipziger, Danny M.; Nash, John; Edwards, Sebastian; Hutcheson, Thomas; Keesing, Donald; Matin, Kazi; Pursell, Garry; Yeats, Alexander J.; Dailami, Mansoor; Dhareshwar, Ashok; Kaufmann, Daniel; Kishor, Nalin; Lopez, Ramon; Wang, Yan; Stiglitz, Joseph; dos Reis Velloso, Joao Paulo; Junguito, Roberto; Mohan, Rakesh; Tolley, George S.; Georgieva, Kristalina; Gressani, Daniela; Grasso, Patrick; Boehmer, Hans-Martin; Tominaga, Jiro Disclosed

The global financial and economic crisis : transmission channels and policy response in the Arab world (English)

Global and economic aspects of the crisis: two aspects of the current crisis are important to stress. The first is its global nature. As you know, this crisis started last year in the US and European financial markets but spread quickly to developing countries. ... See More +

Brief 51789 JAN 01, 2009

Gressani, Daniela; Tano, Auguste; Disclosed

Structural reforms in southeastern Europe since the Kosovo conflict (English)

This paper attempts to describe and assess the achievements of the countries of South Eastern Europe - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Romania, and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - in pursuing structural economic reforms in the period since the end of the Kosovo conflict. ... See More +

Publication WTP526 JAN 01, 2002

Gressani, Daniela; Mitra, Saumya

Reconstruction in Lebanon : challenges for macroeconomic management (English)

In this report, the authors set out to investigate whether the existing macroeconomic imbalances in Lebanon should be considered as a serious threat to the reconstruction process or as inevitable, transitory phenomena, and what is the appropriate macroeconomic stance to deal with these imbalances. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 20959 APR 30, 1999

Gressani, Daniela; Page, John