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Nepal - Energy Infrastructure Sector Assessment (English)

The purpose of this report is to identify how to maximize finance available to Nepal in the electricity sector. This report identifies financing needs and constraints for the energy sector in the short to medium term and outlines a road map for overcoming these constraints and seizing opportunities to gradually achieve a sectoral transformation. ... See More +

Report 135684 MAR 01, 2019

Singh,Bipulendu Narayan; Shah,Lopa; Wang,Xiaoping - GEE06; Ma,Yuge Disclosed

Exploring a low-carbon development path for Vietnam (English)

Low-cost energy and other natural resources have played a key role in driving the Vietnamese economy over the past decades. Under the low-carbon development (LCD) scenario, Vietnam can achieve its Vietnam green growth strategy (VGGS) targets. ... See More +

Publication 102363 JAN 01, 2016

Audinet,Pierre; Singh,Bipulendu Narayan; Kexel,Duane T.; Suphachalasai,Suphachol; Makumbe,Pedzisayi; Mayer,Kristin Disclosed

Power for all : electricity access challenge in India (English)

India has led the developing world in addressing rural energy problems. By late 2012, the national electricity grid had reached 92 percent of India’s rural villages, about 880 million people. ... See More +

Publication 92223 OCT 29, 2014

Banerjee,Sudeshna Ghosh; Barnes,Douglas French; Mayer,Kristin; Samad,Hussain A.; Singh,Bipulendu Narayan Disclosed

Modernizing energy services for the poor : a World Bank investment review - fiscal 2000-08 (English)

The term energy access has various connotations to energy development specialists. For this review, we define energy access as relating both to physical proximity to energy infrastructure and to the policies and frameworks supporting the transition to better, reliable, and more efficient use of electricity and modern fuels. ... See More +

Working Paper 63224 DEC 01, 2010

Barnes, Douglas F.; Singh, Bipul; Shi, Xiaoyu Disclosed