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Air Quality Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina (English)

Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) experience high ambient concentrations of health-damaging fine particulate air pollution in Europe. This report is one in a series of three reports on air quality management in BiH, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. ... See More +

Report AUS0001227 OCT 01, 2019

Kreso Beslagic,Esma; Murisic,Maja; Rinnerberger,Nina; Colovic-Daul,Maja; Brody,Michael S.; Paranos,Darko; Golub,Elena Strukova; Awe,Yewande Aramide; Enriquez,Santiago; Oguz Kuntasal,Oznur Disclosed

Air Quality Management in North Macedonia (English)

Air pollution is a significant problem in cities and urban centers in the Republic of North Macedonia. This report is one in a series of three reports on air quality management (AQM) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. ... See More +

Report AUS0001228 OCT 01, 2019

Chen,Dorothee; Murisic,Maja; Rinnerberger,Nina; Oguz Kuntasal,Oznur; Brody,Michael S.; Awe,Yewande Aramide; Hajiyeva,Gulana Enar; Posas,Paula J.; Enriquez,Santiago; Golub,Elena Strukova Disclosed

Air Quality Management in Poland (English)

Despite significant efforts to reduce polluting air emissions, during and after the economic transition in the 1990s, Poland remains home to many of the most polluted cities in the European Union (EU). ... See More +

Report AUS0000585 MAR 29, 2019

Wagner, Fabian; Wolsczack, Grzegorz; Maciejewska, Katarzyna; Klimont, Zbigniew; Kiesewetter, Gregor; Juda-Rezler, Katarzyna; Cofala, Janusz; Borken, Jens; Amman, Markus; Brody,Michael S.; Koziel,Anna; Awe,Yewande Aramide; Golub,Elena Strukova; Kim,Heey Jin; Green,Joanne Marie; Kochan,Filip Piotr; Oguz Kuntasal,Oznur; Murisic,Maja; Kanakia,Rahul; Reizer, Magdalena Disclosed

Air Pollution Management in Kosovo (English)

Many cities in Kosovo suffer from poor air quality, with ambient concentrations of particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less (PM2.5) significantly exceeding the national and European Union (EU) standards and global air quality guidelines for PM2.5 established by the World Health Organization (WHO). ... See More +

Report AUS0001229 JAN 24, 2019

Chen,Dorothee; Murisic,Maja; Rinnerberger,Nina; Begolli,Rhedon; Baraku,Trandelina; Oguz Kuntasal,Oznur; Aliu,Lundrim; Golub,Elena Strukova; Awe,Yewande Aramide; Posas,Paula J.; Enriquez,Santiago; Brody,Michael S.; Shala,Behxhet Disclosed