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Rural electrification concessions in Africa : what does experience tell us? (English)

This report evaluates the use of rural electrification concessions in Africa. It provides acomprehensive overview of successful and failed cases and identifies the likely factors behindsuccesses. ... See More +

Working Paper 116898 JUN 26, 2017

Hosier,Richard H.; Bazilian,Morgan; Lemondzhava,Tatia; Malik,Kabir; Motohashi,Mitsunori; Vilar Ferrenbach,David Disclosed

Double dividend : power and agriculture nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

Increasing access to modern electricity services in Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the main development challenges facing the world over the next two decades. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 114112 JAN 01, 2017

Banerjee,Sudeshna Ghosh; Malik,Kabir; Tipping, Andrew; Besnard,Juliette Suzanne Georgette; Nash,John D. Disclosed

Energy-water nexus in Southern Africa : background paper to support dialogue in the region (English)

The objective of this paper is to provide high-level background information on the interdependency between the supply of electricity and water in Southern Africa. ... See More +

Working Paper ACS19178 JUN 30, 2016

Hussain,Mustafa Zakir Disclosed

Scaling up access to electricity : the case of Rwanda (English)

This knowledge note is the third of three case studies that concerns scaling up access to electricity in Africa, Bangladesh, and Rwanda. Rwanda’s rapid achievements in expanding access to electricity after 2009 were made possible by one of the first applications of a sector-wide approach (SWAp) in the electricity sector. ... See More +

Brief 88703 JUN 13, 2014

Banerjee,Sudeshna Ghosh; Baringanire,Paul; Malik,Kabir Disclosed

The anatomy of failure : an ethnography of a randomized trial to deepen democracy in rural India (English)

Programs that induce citizen participation to improve the quality of government at the local level are the subjects of large amounts of funding and intense debate. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS6958 JUN 01, 2014

Ananthpur, Kripa; Malik, Kabir; Rao, Vijayendra Disclosed