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Environmental governance in oil-producing developing countries : findings from a survey of 32 countries (English)

The Petroleum Governance Initiative (PGI) encompasses three general themes, or pillars, that address issues issues of transparency and economic responsibility, environmental sustainability and responsible community development. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 54930 JUN 01, 2010

Mayorga Alba, Eleodoro; Disclosed

Extractive industries value chain : a comprehensive integrated approach to developing extractive industries (English)

Proper stewardship of revenue from the oil, gas, and mining industries has tremendous potential to lift people out of poverty and contribute to sustainable development. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 48424 MAR 01, 2009

Mayorga, Eleodoro Alba Disclosed

Paraguay - Reforma del sector hidrocarburos (English)

This report describes Paraguay's hydrocarbon sector and analyzes the problems that confront it and the government's actions to involve all sectors of the population in developing a strategy for its reform. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper ESM319 MAR 01, 2006

Chamot, Jorge; Mayorga-Alba, Eleodoro; Zeissig, Hilmar Disclosed

The Population, Energy and Environmental Program (EAP) : an initiative for understanding and sustainable development in the Amazon Region (English)

Since 1998, the EAP Program, initially sponsored by the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) and the World Bank, has evolved into a response by the stakeholders of the countries which share the Sub-Andean and Amazon Basin to the challenge of developing a sustainable hydrocarbon industry. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 25221 AUG 31, 2002

Santiago, Miguel Angel; Potes, Veronica; De laCruz, Rodrigo; Mayorga Alba, Eleodoro

Latin America and the Caribbean Refinery Sector Development Project - clients (English)

This report summarizes two years of intense activity dedicated to the study of the issues confronted by the refining industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 25220 AUG 31, 2002

Tierno, Andres; Garcia, Jose Felix; Torres, Guillermo; Mayorga Alba, Eleodoro

Deregulation and reform of petroleum markets - from monopolies to new regulated markets (English)

International oil markets have evolved significantly, and a competitive market has emerged that is setting internationally accepted prices for crude and refined products. ... See More +

Newsletter 17622 SEP 30, 1995

BAM; Mayorga-Alba, Eleodoro

Natural gas in sub-Saharan Africa : an overview (English)

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 12206 FEB 28, 1993

Mor, Amit; Bond, James; Mayorga-Alba, Eleodoro; AFTPS Eligible for Disclosure