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The economic impact on households and nations of NCDs : a review of existing evidence (English)

In developing countries, the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) disease and risk factor burdens are shifting toward the poor. Treating chronic diseases can be expensive. ... See More +

Journal Article 79436 SEP 14, 2011

Engelgau, Michael; Rosenhouse, Sandra; El-Saharty, Sameh; Mahal, Ajay Disclosed

Capitalizing on the demographic transition : tackling non communicable diseases in South Asia (English)

This book looks primarily at Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) and tobacco use because they account for a disproportionate amount of the Non Communicable Disease (NCD) burden the focus is strategic rather than comprehensive. ... See More +

Publication 62260 JUN 02, 2011

Engelgau,Michael Maurice; Kudesia,Preeti; Okamoto,Kyoko; Rajan,Vikram Sundara; Rosenhouse,Sandra; El-Saharty,Sameh Disclosed

Accelerating an AIDS vaccine for developing countries : Recommendations for the World Bank (English)

This paper presents the findings and recommendations of the World Bank AIDS Vaccine Task Force, formed in April 1998 to identify how the institution can accelerate the development of an AIDS vaccine for developing countries, as part of its broader program to combat AIDS and in collaboration with its international and development partners. ... See More +

Working Paper 27120 JAN 01, 2000

Martha Ainsworth; Amie Batson; Geoffrey Lamb; Sandra Rosenhouse

Identifying the poor : is "headship" a useful concept? (English)

Policymakers concerned with the amelioration of poverty have singled out female-headed households as one of the key target groups deserving intensified attention. ... See More +

Publication LSM58 JUL 31, 1989

Rosenhouse, Sandra