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Private solutions for infrastructure in Bangladesh (English)

This report analyzes the present status of infrastructure services in Bangladesh, reviews the limited progress achieved in addressing key sectoral constraints, and proposes reforms. ... See More +

Working Paper 30072 JUN 01, 2003

Harris, Clive; Lasagabaster, Esperanza; Norbhu, Tenzin; Zaheer, Salman; Aexander, Ian; Heitner, Marc; Minnatullah, Khawaja; Ijjasz-Vasquez, Ede Jorge; Reja, Binyam

Water vending in old Dhaka : balancing inequities and making profits (English)

Home to over 7 million people, Dhaka is a challenge for water supply providers. The Dhaka water supply and sewerage authority (DWASA) treats and distributes 900 mld of water, using 239 deep tube wells and a century-old surface treatment plant. ... See More +

Working Paper 46883 JAN 01, 1998

Haiher, Iftekher; Ur Rashid, Haroon; Minnatullah,Khawaja M. Disclosed

Water supply, sanitation and hygiene education : report of a health impact study in Mirzapur, Bangladesh (English)

A principal objective of water supply and sanitation programs is to improve the health of the community. This not only reduces human suffering, but also enables economic gains to be made. ... See More +

Working Paper 9401 JAN 01, 1990

Aziz, K. M. A.; Cairncross,Alexander M; Hasan, Z.; Hoque,Bilqis Amin; Huttly, S. R. A.; Minnatullah,Khawaja M.; Patwary, M. K.; Rahaman,Md. Ataur Disclosed