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Maritime rights of coastal states and climate change : should states adapt to submerged boundaries? (English)

The threats of climate change have gone beyond environmental concerns they have now reached a stage where they raise geopolitical concerns due to their potential effect on national boundaries. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 44902 JUL 01, 2008

Di Leva, Charles; Morita, Sachiko Disclosed

Forest law and sustainable development : addressing contemporary challenges through legal reform (English)

This study is intended to be a systematic and practical guide to the basic features of modern forestry legislation. It identifies a range of issues that should be considered in assessing the adequacy of forest laws and presents options for addressing those issues in ways that may improve the effectiveness of law as a foundation for sustainable forest management. ... See More +

Publication 40003 JAN 01, 2007

Christy, Lawrence C.; Di Leva, Charles E.; Lindsay, Jonathan M.; Takoukam, Patrice Talla Disclosed

Environment matters at the World Bank : 2006 annual review (English)

Contents include: a letter from our Vice President, Katherine Sierra; director's overview ; tackling governance in the forest sector - current challenges in Russia and the way forward; how much have we advanced - access to information and participation in environmental issues in Chile; seafood certification and sustainability; combating illegal logging and corruption in the forestry sector - strengthening forest law enforcement and governance; governance in the environmental and natural resource sector - combating illegal fishing; good governance for good water management; from curse to blessing - natural resources and institutional quality; regional articles; IFC - the role of the private sector in natural resource management: a focus on forests; news updates; and collection of World Bank Group environmental publications. ... See More +

Annual Report 38006 JAN 01, 2006

Evans, James Warren; Roshchupkin, Valery P.; Sanhueza, Andrea; White, John; Kishor, Nalin; di Leva, Charles; Bucknall, Julia; Hamilton, Kirk; Gardiner, Louise Disclosed

Knowledge through partnership (English)

About the staff exchange program. Food for thought. Share pays dividends. Renewed commitment, by Gregory Toulmin. Learning from the survivors of disaster, by Darrell Prokopetz. ... See More +

Newsletter 21341 JAN 01, 2000

Toulmin, Gregory; Prokopetz, Darrell; Lohmeyer, Jurgen; Leipold, Knut; Berggren, Hans-Eric; Obiora, Leslye; Gamboa, Joel; Rice, Gerry; Stiggers, David; Di Leva, Charles; Carreiro, JaymePorto; Oduolowu, Akin; O'Leary, Donal; Gaba, Kwawu; Sheldon, Christopher; Marime-Ball, Patience; Zhang, Qingfeng; Marek, Tonia

Environmental assessment sourcebook updates 1995 - 1996 (English)

Implementing Geographic Information Systems in environmental assessment, by Hassan M. Hassan. International agreements on environment and natural resources : relevance and application in environmental assessment, by Charles Di Leva and Olav Kjorven. ... See More +

Working Paper 21925 JAN 01, 1996

Hassan, Hassan M.; Di Leva, Charles; Kjorven, Olav; Fitzgerald, Arthur; Prinz, Albert; Paradine, Phil; Hamed, Safei El-Deen; Bisset, Ron; Davy, Adian; Walton, Thomas E.; Ziegler, Tor; Lund, Tim