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Economic impacts of child marriage : educational attainment brief (English)

The evidence base has long demonstrated that girls' education is among the most significant factors associated with age at marriage, with an extensive body of literature documenting lower levels of schooling as being strongly linked with a lower age at marriage. ... See More +

Brief 116831 JUN 27, 2017

Wodon,Quentin T.; Nguyen,Minh Cong; Yedan,Ali; Edmeades, J. Disclosed

East Asia and Pacific economic update : sustaining resilience (English)

Growth in developing East Asia and Pacific (EAP) continues to be resilient and in line with previous expectations. Already robust domestic demand has been supported by some pickup in external demand and the gradual recovery in commodity prices. ... See More +

Working Paper 116330 APR 01, 2017

Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Kehayova,Vera Vencheva; Moroz,Harry Edmund; Testaverde,Mauro; Cassou,Emilie; Jaffee,Steven M.; Ru,Jiang; Stamm,Diane; Adriani,Magda; Ariyapruchya,Kiatipong; Badiani-Magnusson,Reena Chandu; Batsuuri,Davaadalai; Beck,Hans Anand; Castaneda Aguilar,Raul Andres; Chen,Shaohua; Chen,Derek Hung Chiat; Chua,Kevin C.; Cruz,Kevin Thomas Garcia; Davading,Somneuk; Demombynes,Gabriel; Dewina,Reno; Dinh,Viet Tuan; Eckardt,Sebastian; Edwards,Kim Alan; Fitrani,Fitria; Freije-Rodriguez,Samuel; Halstead,Imogen Cara; Vu,Linh Hoang; Kida,Mizuho; Kim,Jae Kyun; Knight,David Stephen; Krishnan,Nandini; Kularatne,Chandana; Lain,Jonathan William; Lee,Taehyun; Litwack,John; Luo,Xubei; Ly,Sodeth; Martin, Miguel; Mejia-Mant, Carolina; Mileva,Elitza Alexandrova; Mohib,Saiyed Shabih Ali; Moreno Herrera,Laura Liliana; Munoz Moreno,Rafael; Najdov,Evgenij; Nguyen,Minh Cong; Pan,Lucy; Phimmahasay,Keomanivone; Pimhidzai,Obert; Piza,Sharon Faye Alariao; Purnamasari,Ririn Salwa; Rab,Habib Nasser; Revilla,Julio E.; Orton Romero,Carlos Rafael; Teh Sharifuddin,Shakira Binti; Sharma,Manohar; Shiilegmaa,Altantsetseg; Simler,Kenneth; Stephan,David Andrew; Tong,Kimsun; Zin,May Thet; Uochi,Ikuko; Utz,Robert Johann; Wai-Poi,Matthew Grant; Wihardja,Maria Monica; Yang,Judy; Yee Amezaga,Karla Mirari; Zhao,Luan Disclosed

Who are the poor in the developing world ? (English)

This paper presents a new demographic profile of extreme and moderate poverty, defined as those living on less than $1.90 and between $1.90 and $3.10 per day in 2013, based on household survey data from 89 developing countries. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7844 OCT 02, 2016

Castaneda Aguilar,Raul Andres; Doan,Dung Thi Thuy; Newhouse,David Locke; Nguyen,Minh Cong; Uematsu,Hiroki; Azevedo,Joao Pedro Wagner De Disclosed

Egypt - Social sector notes (English)

In response to a request from the Government of Egypt, the World Bank undertook the analysis of selected sectoral issues in education and health. ... See More +

Working Paper 113973 JUN 01, 2016

Demarco,Gustavo C.; Wodon,Quentin T.; Ersado,Lire; Evans,Brooks Fox; Male,Chata; Onagoruwa,Adenike Opeoluwa; Savadogo, Aboudrahyme; Yedan,Ali; Abdel-Hamid,Alaa Mahmoud Hamed; Pande,Aakanksha; Calimoutou,Emelyne; Shalakani, Amr El; Nguyen,Minh Cong; Kazem,Amira Mohamed Ibrahim; Paksima,Shahram Disclosed

Robustness of shared prosperity estimates : how different methodological choices matter (English)

This paper is the first to systematically test the robustness of shared prosperity estimates to different methodological choices using a sample of countries from all regions in the world. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7611 MAR 18, 2016

Atamanov,Aziz; Wieser,Christina; Uematsu,Hiroki; Yoshida,Nobuo; Nguyen,Minh Cong; Azevedo,Joao Pedro Wagner De; Dewina,Reno Disclosed

When and where do we see regional poverty reduction and convergence ? lessons from the roof of Turkey (English)

In the past decade, Turkey has experienced a notable level of poverty reduction at all levels (extreme poor, poor, and vulnerable). The steady decline in poverty was also resilient to the decline in gross domestic product per capita growth during the crisis. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7540 JAN 28, 2016

Azevedo,Joao Pedro Wagner De; Yang,Judy; Inan,Osman Kaan; Nguyen,Minh Cong; Montes,Jose Disclosed