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No-till farming for sustainable rural development (English)

The no-till (NT) farming approach developed in Brazil and nearby countries is providing a foundation for application in Sub-Saharan Africa and other semi-tropical environments, showing that when land and soil resources are properly managed, good things begin to occur in rural communities and landscapes. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 24536 JUN 30, 2002

Pieri, Christian; Evers, Guy; Landers, John; O'Connell, Paul; Terry, Eugene

A road map from conventional to no-till farming (English)

This brief document is one chapter from the more comprehensive report, "No-Till Farming for Sustainable Rural Development (report no. 24536)" published simultaneously by the World Bank. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 24537 JUN 30, 2002

Pieri, Christian; Evers, Guy; Landers, John; O'Connell, Paul; Terry, Eugene

Essentials 2(8) (English)

Convention to Combat Desertification. "Greening Industry" publication launch and seminar. NGO-World Bank committee meeting rescheduled. ... See More +

Newsletter 23124 NOV 30, 1999

Alegre, Isabel; Benedicto, Mitos; Bradford, Bonnie; Canlas, Fleur; Cantrell, James; Goodland, Robert; Gordon, Anita; Heister, Johannes; Jammi, Ramachandra; Kangasniemi, Jaako; Klees, Rita; Kuroda, Kazuhide; LaCava, Gloria; Lucca, Danielle; Mearns, Robin; Mercier, Jean Roger; Newcombe, Kenneth; Pieri, Christian; Senderowitsch, Roby; Sherman, Mariam; Toppin, Fulvia; Werbrouck, Pierre; Williams, Melissa; Xie, Jian

Indicators of land quality and sustainable land management : an annotated bibliography (English)

This bibliography is a review of available information on indicators of sustainable land management and land quality available in the scientific literature and on the World Wide Web (WWW). ... See More +

Publication 17630 MAR 31, 1998

Dumanski, Julian; Gameda, Samuel; Pieri, Christian; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Land quality indicators (English)

Maintenance of the productive potential of land resources, and checking of land degradation, is a fundamental element of sustainable land use. For this to be achieved, there is a fundamental need for indicators of land quality, the condition or 'health' of land. ... See More +

Publication WDP315 DEC 31, 1995

Pieri, Christian; Dumanski, Julian; Hamblin, Ann; Young, Anthony; FAO; UNDP; UNEP