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Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Chad Safety Nets Project - P156479 (English)

Project Paper RES40625 MAY 01, 2020

Schnitzer,Pascale Disclosed

How to Target Households in Adaptive Social Protection Systems? : Evidence from Humanitarian and Development Approaches in Niger (English)

he methods used to identify the beneficiaries of programs aiming to address persistent poverty and shocks are subject to frequent policy debates. ... See More +

Journal Article 145819 DEC 06, 2019

Schnitzer,Pascale Disclosed

Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Chad Safety Nets Project - P156479 (English)

Project Paper RES38500 SEP 26, 2019

Schnitzer,Pascale Disclosed

Disclosable Version of the ISR - Chad Safety Nets Project - P156479 - Sequence No : 07 (English)

Implementation Status and Results Report ISR38362 SEP 25, 2019

Schnitzer,Pascale Disclosed

Efficiency, legitimacy and impacts of targeting methods : evidence from an experiment in Niger (English)

The methods to select safety net beneficiaries are the subject of frequent policy debates. This paper presents the results from a randomized experiment analyzing how efficiency, legitimacy, and short-term program effectiveness vary across widely used targeting methods. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8412 APR 18, 2018

Premand,Patrick; Schnitzer,Pascale Disclosed

How to target households in adaptive social protection systems? : relative efficiency of proxy means test and household economy analysis in Niger (English)

Proxy Means Test (PMT) and the Household Economy Analysis (HEA) are widely used methods to target chronically poor households and those suffering from food crises respectively. ... See More +

Working Paper 109528 AUG 01, 2016

Schnitzer,Pascale Disclosed