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Blended Concessional Finance : The Rise of Returnable Capital Contributions (English)

In new and challenging markets, blended concessional finance - the combining of concessional funds with other types of finance, on commercial terms - is increasingly used to mobilize capital and accelerate high impact private sector investments. ... See More +

Brief 143358 SEP 01, 2019

Karlin,Arthur S.; Sierra-Escalante,Kruskaia Disclosed

Blended Concessional Finance : Governance Matters for Impact (English)

Blended concessional finance, the combination of concessional funds with other types of finance on commercial terms, has great potential to mobilize capital and accelerate high-impact private sector investments in new and challenging markets. ... See More +

Brief 143355 MAR 01, 2019

Sierra-Escalante,Kruskaia; Karlin,Arthur S.; Lauridsen,Morten Lykke Disclosed

Blended Concessional Finance : Scaling Up Private Investment in Lower-Income Countries (English)

Blending funds from private investors with concessional funds from donors and philanthropic sourceshas a strong potential to scale up investment in lower-income countries and thereby acceleratedevelopment. ... See More +

133880 NOV 05, 2018

Sierra-Escalante,Kruskaia; Karlin,Arthur S.; Lauridsen,Morten Lykke Disclosed

Crowding-in capital : how insurance companies can expand access to finance (English)

Development institutions, governments, and the investment community have been exploring ways to increase private capital flows to support critical development projects in emerging markets. ... See More +

Brief 125905 APR 01, 2018

Karlin,Arthur S.; Marshall,Euan; Afroz,Mahfuza; Kurdyla,Michael Disclosed

Impact - private sector partners (2) : infrastructure in focus (English)

Private investment in infrastructure - opportunities and challenges; by Declan Duff. Coming of age in the global village; by Ake Almgren. On the ground, under the ground, in the water, in the air - a decade of successful IFC infrastructure projects; by Ann Moline. ... See More +

Newsletter 24108 MAR 31, 2002

O'Keefe, Joseph [editor]; Duff, Declan; Almgren, Ake; Moline, Ann; Leipzige, Danny; Foster, Vivien; Molavi, Afshin; Dodd, Desmond; Karlin, Arthur; Hamid, Javed; Wagle, Dileep; Gentile-Blackwell, Angela Disclosed