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Cost recovery and financial viability of the power sector in developing countries : a literature review (English)

The financial viability of the power sector is a prerequisite for attracting the investment needed to ensure reliable energy supply, meet universal access targets, and hasten the clean energy transition. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8287 DEC 20, 2017

Banerjee,Sudeshna Ghosh; Huenteler,Joern Torsten; Balabanyan,Ani; Dobozi,Istvan Disclosed

Stuck in transition : reform experiences and challenges ahead in the Kazakhstan power sector (English)

The large-scale transformation of Kazakhstan’s power sector following independence in 1991 was reflected by the country’s move toward liberalizing the market and implementing sector regulation. ... See More +

Publication 113146 FEB 27, 2017

Aldayarov,Mirlan; Dobozi,Istvan; Nikolakakis,Thomas Disclosed

Transition 6 (9-10) (English)

Dramatic population trends in countries of the FSU (Timothy Heleniak). Poverty in Russia--an assessment (Jeni Klugman). Checklist for action in the Russian economy (Michael D. ... See More +

Newsletter 17832 OCT 31, 1995

Heleniak, Timothy; Klugman, Jeni; Intriligator, Michael D.; McIntyre, Robert; Pomer, Marshall; Rosenberg, Dorothy J.; Taylor, Lance; Tulin, Dmitri; Nellis, John; Kekic, Laza; Kaminski, Bartlomiej; Zhen KunWang; Winters, L. Alan; Dobozi, Istvan

Transition 6 (1-2) (English)

Entering a higher grade-proposals to reform Russia's education system. EDI disseminates transition know-how. Breeding a new generation of economists in the FSU - Eurasia Foundation President William Bader on how to beat red tape. ... See More +

Newsletter 16458 JAN 31, 1995

Heyneman, Stephen P.; Borish, Michael S.; Long, Millard F.; Noel, Michel; Nelson, Daniel N.; Dobozi, Istvan; Pohl, Gerhard