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Does Media Stimulate Reform Efforts ? (English)

This paper investigates to what extent media impacts political decisions. A viable practical approach to test the relationship between mass media and political actions is through the use of the World Bank’s Doing Business data, specifically, by assessing local media coverage of Doing Business and implementation of business regulatory reforms. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8984 AUG 16, 2019

Ramalho,Rita; Saltane,Valentina Disclosed

Actionable regulatory governance indicators for EU regions (English)

The European Union's Cohesion Policy is its biggest investment instrument. With a budget of 351.8 Euros billion for 2014–2020, the Cohesion Policy accounts for around one-third of the EU budget. ... See More +

Working Paper 126400 MAY 01, 2018

Ladegaard,Peter Farup; Bernstein,David S.; Fozzard,Adrian; Johns,Melissa Marie; Saltane,Valentina; Bergstein,Elin; Blanc,Florentin; Lemoine,Joseph Antoine; Lundkvist,Petter; Novik,Nadia; Georgieva,Dorina Peteva; Konstantinova,Radka Encheva; Soares A O Rodrigues,Margarida; Arzinos,Ioannis Disclosed

Good regulatory practices : a joint offering of the governance and trade and competitiveness global practices (English)

The World Bank Group’s offering on Good Regulatory Practices is to help developing countries respond to these new challenges, the World Bank Group (WBG) offers a Good Regulatory Practices (GRP) solution package. ... See More +

Brief 117750 MAY 01, 2017

Mahmood,Syed A.; Ladegaard,Peter Farup; Saltane,Valentina Disclosed

Citizen engagement in rulemaking -- evidence on regulatory practices in 185 countries (English)

This paper presents a new database of indicators measuring the extent to which rulemaking processes are transparent and participatory across 185 countries. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7840 SEP 28, 2016

Johns,Melissa Marie; Saltane,Valentina Disclosed

Harmonization strikes a chord of success : doing business in OHADA economies (English)

The 17 West and Central African countries in OHADA (Organization for Harmonization of Business Law in Africa) are proving that collective action is an effective way to address common economic challenges. ... See More +

Brief 102792 JAN 01, 2016

Nosal,Leah Christine; Saltane,Valentina Disclosed

Transparent government and business regulation : "open for business?" (English)

This paper presents new indicators for 185 economies measuring the accessibility of business regulatory information. The paper shows that the new data can serve as meaningful proxies for the overall transparency of governments and the new data have explanatory power for the quality of business regulation. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS7132 DEC 01, 2014

Geginat, Carolin; Saltane, Valentina Disclosed

Sweden's business climate : opportunities for entrepreneurs through improved regulations (English)

This report’s starting point is thus to acknowledge that despite Sweden’s many virtues, there are areas in which it can do better, and the task has been to identify those areas, focusing particularly on the quality of the investment climate and competitiveness. ... See More +

100920 JAN 01, 2014

Ulku,Hulya; Dutz,Mark Andrew; Hambardzumyan,Anushavan; Jiang, Nan (Charlotte); Meilland,Thibault; Perotti,Valeria; Primiani,Tanya; Saltane,Valentina; Vilquin,Julien Disclosed

Getting down to business : strengthening economies through business registration reforms (English)

Business registration remains a complicated and costly process in many countries, hampering entrepreneurial activity and the creation of formal employment. ... See More +

Brief 84352 DEC 01, 2013

Saltane, Valentina; Pan, Jiawen Disclosed

Measureable results! Doing business project encourages economies to reform insolvency frameworks (English)

Over the past 10 years, nearly 100 economies have reformed their insolvency regimes as a result of many factors, such as financial crises and to some extent the International Finance Corporation, or IFC and World Bank doing business project. ... See More +

Brief 75240 JAN 01, 2013

Chen, Rong; Moya Guzman,Nuria Emilia; Saltane,Valentina Disclosed

Small and medium enterprises : a cross-country analysis with a new data set (English)

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, there has been an increased interest in the role of small and medium enterprises in job creation and economic growth. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5538 JAN 01, 2011

Ardic, Oya Pinar; Mylenko, Nataliya; Saltane, Valentina Disclosed