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Budget support as more effective aid? Recent experiences and emerging lessons (English)

This book presents a timely and valuable review of key concepts, issues, experiences and emerging lessons relevant to budget support. It provides an overview of principal characteristics, expectations and concerns related to budget support, key design and implementation issues, as well as some practical experiences. ... See More +

Publication 35967 JAN 01, 2006

Koeberle, Stefan [editor]; Stavreski, Zoran [editor]; Walliser, Jan [editor] Disclosed

Conditionality revisited: concepts, experiences, and lessons (English)

This volume illustrates many questions around the different donor approaches to conditionality remain controversial. How relevant is the number of conditions? ... See More +

Publication 32524 JAN 01, 2005

Koeberle, Stefan; Bedoya, Harold; Silarky, Peter; Verheyen, Gero Disclosed

Should policy-based lending still involved conditionality (English)

Traditional conditionality in policy-based lending is often criticized as being ineffective, intrusive, and corrosive. Disillusionment has led to replace ex ante conditionality with ex post conditionality and to focus on ownership, selectivity, and partnership. ... See More +

Journal Article 76450 JAN 01, 2003

Koeberle, Stefan G. Disclosed

Adjustment lending retrospective (English)

In September 2000, the Development Committee discussed supporting country development: the World Bank role and instruments in low- and middle-income countries. ... See More +

Working Paper 44666 JUN 15, 2001

Koeberle, Stefan; Bedoya, Harold; Factora, John; McCarthy, F.Desmond; Disclosed

Thailand - Public Finance in Transition (English)

The report assesses the performance of Thailand's fiscal institutions, in responding to the pressures of the economic crisis, and its likely performance in meeting the challenges of the new Constitution, and in modernizing the public sector. ... See More +

Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report 20656 SEP 18, 2000

Koeberle,Stefan G.; Weist,Dana; Sondergaard,Lars M.; Vazquez-Caro, Jamie; McLeary, Bill Disclosed

Thailand economic monitor (English)

This volume assesses the Thai economy as follows: It is still too early to claim that the worst of the economic crisis is over. Exports, production, domestic investment demand and consumption are still depressed. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 18939 JAN 31, 1999

Koeberle,Stefan G.; Sondergaard,Lars M. Disclosed

Thailand economic monitor (English)

This volume has the following assessment about the Thai economy: The economy is still in the midst of a recession, with net exports as the only positive expenditure component of Gross Domestic Product during 1998. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 18938 DEC 31, 1998

Koeberle,Stefan G.; Sondergaard,Lars M. Disclosed

Thailand economic monitor (English)

This volume of the "Thailand Economic Monitor" highlights the following assessments: a) A cautious optimism has returned to Thailand. Hopes are fueled by the recovery of the stock market index, the strengthening baht, reduced inflation, and declining interest rates. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 18937 NOV 30, 1998

Koeberle,Stefan G.; Sondergaard,Lars M. Disclosed

Thailand economic monitor (English)

This volume of the Thailand Economic Monitor gives the following assessments: Overall economic recovery remains contingent on the prospects for the world economy. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 18936 OCT 31, 1998

Koeberle,Stefan G.; Sondergaard,Lars M. Disclosed

Competitiveness and sustainable economic recovery in Thailand (English)

The conference "Thailand's Dynamic Economic Recovery and Competitiveness" (Bangkok, May 20-21, 1998) was organized by the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) with assistance from the World Bank and additional financial support from the Industrial Trade Promotion Fund and the Canadian International Development Agency. ... See More +

Working Paper 41589 MAY 01, 1998

Witte, Johanna; Koeberle, Stefan; Novy, Milena Disclosed