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The causes of government and the consequences for growth and well-being (English)

Using a large cross-country data set, the authors examine the factors that cause governments to grow, and analyze how the size of government affects growth, whether measured as income growth or other measures of well-being, such as infant mortality and life expectancy. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS1785 JUN 30, 1997

Commander, Simon; Davoodi, Hamid R.; Lee, Une J.

Transition 6 (7-8) (English)

Could inflation stabilization be expansionary? (Michael Bruno and William Easterly). The Latin American experience with private pension funds: lessons for Eastern Europe (Jean de Fougerolles). ... See More +

Newsletter 17831 AUG 31, 1995

Bruno, Michael; Easterly, William; de Fougerolles, Jean; Kabaj, Mieczyslaw; Kowalik, Tadeusz; Perlez, Jane; Alfandari, Gilles; Une Lee; Schrenk, Martin

Transition 5 (9) (English)

A new program for trade recovery in the new independent states. Averting a debt crisis in the Russian economy. What's next? Strategies for enterprise restructuring in Russia. ... See More +

Newsletter 16457 NOV 30, 1994

Michalopoulos, Constantine; Tarr, David G.; Qimiao Fan; Une Lee; Boycko, Maxim; Shleifer, Andrei