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Madagascar - Climate change and health diagnostic : risks and opportunities for climate-smarthealth and nutrition investment (English)

In Madagascar, climate change is already impacting health, and this damage will continue. Without adequate investment in health sector resilience, recent development gains are likely to be reversed, with serious consequences for Madagascar’s people and environment. ... See More +

Working Paper 121945 JAN 12, 2018

Bouley,Timothy; Midgley,Amelia; Shumake-Guillemot, Joy; Golden,Christopher De Weir; Ebi,Kristie Lee Disclosed

Methodological guidance : climate change and health diagnostic : A country-based approach for assessing risks and investing in climate-smart health systems (English)

Many World Bank Group (WBG) client countries—and especially their poor populations—are being disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change on human health. ... See More +

Working Paper 122328 JAN 09, 2018

Bouley,Timothy; Golden,Christopher De Weir; Midgley,Amelia; Ebi,Kristie Lee; Shumake-Guillemot, Joy Shumake Disclosed

A new scenario framework for climate change research : scenario matrix architecture (English)

This paper describes the scenario matrix architecture that underlies a framework for developing new scenarios for climate change research. The matrix architecture facilitates addressing key questions related to current climate research and policy-making: identifying the effectiveness of different adaptation and mitigation strategies (in terms of their costs, risks, and other consequences) and the possible trade-offs and synergies. ... See More +

Journal Article 102419 JAN 01, 2014

van Vuuren, Detlef P.; Kriegler, Elmar; O’Neill, Brian C.; Ebi,Kristie Lee; Riahi, Keywan; Carter, Timothy R.; Edmonds, Jae; Hallegatte,Stephane; Kram, Tom; Mathur, Ritu; Winkler,Harald Ernst Disclosed

A new scenario framework for climate change research : the concept of shared socioeconomic pathways (English)

The new scenario framework for climate change research envisions combining pathways of future radiative forcing and their associated climate changes with alternative pathways of socioeconomic development in order to carry out research on climate change impacts, adaptation, and mitigation. ... See More +

Journal Article 102422 JAN 01, 2014

O’Neill, Brian C.; Kriegler, Elmar; Riahi, Keywan; Ebi,Kristie Lee; Hallegatte,Stephane; Carter, Timothy R.; Mathur, Ritu; van Vuuren, Detlef P. Disclosed

A new scenario framework for climate change research : the concept of shared climate policy assumptions (English)

The new scenario framework facilitates the coupling of multiple socioeconomic reference pathways with climate model products using the representative concentration pathways. ... See More +

Journal Article 102420 JAN 01, 2014

Kriegler, Elmar; Edmonds, Jae; Hallegatte,Stephane; Ebi,Kristie Lee; Kram, Tom; Riahi, Keywan; Winkler,Harald Ernst; van Vuuren, Detlef P. Disclosed

A new scenario framework for climate change research : background, process, and future directions (English)

The scientific community is developing new global, regional, and sectoral scenarios to facilitate interdisciplinary research and assessment to explore the range of possible future climates and related physical changes that can pose risks to human and natural systems; how these changes can interact with social, economic, and environmental development pathways; the degree to which mitigation and adaptation policies can avoid and reduce risks; the costs and benefits of various policy mixes; and the relationship of future climate change adaptation and mitigation policy responses with sustainable development. ... See More +

Journal Article 102418 JAN 01, 2014

Ebi,Kristie Lee; Hallegatte,Stephane; Kram, Tom; Arnell, Nigel W.; Carter, Timothy R.; Edmonds, Jae; Kriegler, Elmar; Mathur, Ritu; O’Neill, Brian C.; Riahi, Keywan; Winkler,Harald Ernst; Vuuren, Detlef P. Van; Zwickel, Timm Disclosed