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Operational guidance for World Bank Group staff : designing sustainable off-grid rural electrification projects - principles and practices (English)

This note is organized into three sections: (a) a context and background section, summarizing the rationale for off-grid electrification and its complementarity with grid-extension investment; (b) a discussion of critical factors in project design, analyzed by technology choice, social safeguards and environmental considerations, opportunities for productivity and institutional applications, affordability, appropriate business models, regulatory actions, and opportunities for international co-financing; and (c) guidelines for off-grid project designers. ... See More +

Working Paper 47022 NOV 01, 2008

Terrado, Ernesto; Cabraal, Anil; Mukherjee, Ishani Disclosed

Improving lives : World Bank Group progress on renewable energy and energy efficiency in fiscal year 2006 (English)

Meeting the energy needs of developing countries in an environmentally sustainable manner is an urgent challenge. Clean energy underpins sustainable growth and poverty reduction. ... See More +

Annual Report 46794 DEC 01, 2006

Berman, Laura; Constant, Samantha; Missfeldt-Ringius, Fanny; Sarkar, Ashok; Utria, Boris; Cabraal, Anil Disclosed

Power purchase agreements for small power producers (English)

Five Asian nations, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam began designing or instituting Small Power Producer (SPP) programs in the mid-1990s to support energy development jointly with the private sector. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 38350 NOV 01, 2006

Ferry, Steven; Cabraal, Anil Disclosed

Right on target - progress on renewable energy and energy efficiency in 2005 and 2006 (English)

Improved energy efficiency in buildings, industry and transport can lead to between 17 and 33 percent lower energy use by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). ... See More +

Brief 76067 AUG 01, 2006

Cabraal, Anil R.; Ibrahim, Abdul-Hameed Disclosed

Renewable energy toolkit needs assessment (English)

There is now a strong foundation of good practice emerging from past and ongoing renewable energy (RE) projects, whether supported by the WBG or others, making it possible to develop and implement future projects faster, at lower costs, and with greater confidence in their overall sustainability. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 33712 AUG 01, 2005

Cabraal, Anil; Wang, Xiaodong; Heffner, Grayson; Zhang, Yabei

Viet Nam : renewable energy action plan (English)

The Renewable Energy Action Plan (REAP) was prepared in a participatory workshop with stakeholders, to discuss renewable energy potential, problems, and solutions, and synthesize study results into a draft action report. ... See More +

ESMAP Paper 25216 MAR 31, 2002

Bogach, V. Susan; Cabraal, R. Anil; Exel, Jon; Pham Nguyet Anh

World Bank/GEF Solar Home Systems Projects : experiences and lessons learned 1993-2000 (English)

Twelve World Bank Group projects provide basic "energy services" such as lighting, radio, television, and operation of small appliances to rural households without access to electricity grids through the use of solar home systems. ... See More +

Working Paper 35244 APR 01, 2000

Martinot, Eric; Cabraal, Anil; Mathur, Subodh Disclosed

The Asia alternative energy program: partnership for innovation (English)

This paper is one of a series of background papers to the Energy Sector Strategy currently being prepared by the Energy, Mining and Telecommunications Sector Board. ... See More +

Working Paper 31867 FEB 01, 2000

Bogach, V. Susan; Heijndermans, Enno; Cabraal, Anil

Best practices for photovoltaic household electrification programs : lessons from experiences in selected countries. (English)

This report identifies an important economic niche for photovoltaic (PV) systems within rural electrification programs. Chapter 1 sketches the evolution of household photovoltaic systems. ... See More +

Publication WTP324 AUG 31, 1996

Cabraal, Anil; Cosgrove-Davies, Mac; Schaeffer, Loretta