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Essentials 3(3) (English)

ESSD news: ESSD European Forum a success. Sector news - Environment: Environment strategy consultations kick into action. Global public opinion and the environment. ... See More +

Newsletter 23127 JUN 30, 2000

Ahmad, Nilufar; Alkire, Sabine; Bebbington, Tony; Bradford, Bonnie; Brown, Gillian; Canby, Kerstin; Clark, Fiona; Davanger, Frode; Del Castillo, Concepcion; Fernandes, Monica; Giovannucci, Daniele; Goodland,Robert; Hanrahan, David; Huber, Richard; Klopfer, Alexandra; Lovei, Magda; Rex, William; Riethmacher, Guenter; Senderowitsch, Roby; Sera, Yumi; Slok, Julie; Stover, Christine; Tarifa, Ricardo; Tikare, Seema; Thompson, Bob; Vidaeus, Lars; Walton, Michael

The World Bank and the global environment : a progress report (English)

At a time when the World Bank is evaluating its recent environmental performance and formulating its environment strategy for the future, the lessons learned from the global environment agenda are being reviewed to help shape the broader corporate strategy on the environment. ... See More +

Working Paper 20891 MAY 31, 2000

Vidaeus, Lars; Castro, Gonzalo

Essentials 3(1) (English)

ESSD Managers retreat. Prototype Carbon Fund launch. Changes in ESSD management. Kristalina on her new role - Director of the Environment Department. ... See More +

Newsletter 23125 FEB 29, 2000

Belle, Arati; Brown, Lynn; Castro, Gonzalo; Johnson, Todd; Kuroda, Kazuhide; O'Connell, Paul; Pagiola, Stefano; Cunanan, Catalina Ramos; Senderowitsch, Roby; Shrader, Elizabeth; Thieler, Susan; Payton, Odil Tunali; Vidaeus, Lars; Weetjens, Jan

Essential 2(5) (English)

Budget reduction is opportunity to reassess. Development Committee discusses social principles. Bank environment strategy subject of ENV Forum. ... See More +

Newsletter 23123 MAY 31, 1999

Edstrom, J.; Foley, M.E.; Fossberg, M.; Lovei, M.; Monk, L.; Newcombe, K.; Paiement, J.; Soeftestad, L.; Vidaeus, L.; Williams, M.

The World Bank Group & the Global Environment Facility (English)

The World Bank, the United Nations Development Program, and the United Nations Environment Program, act as implementing agencies of the Global Environment Facility. ... See More +

Newsletter 18290 APR 30, 1997

Kellenberg, John; Vidaeus, Lars Disclosed

Mainstreaming biodiversity in agricultural development - toward good practice : global overlays program (English)

This study looks at the role of agriculture in the decline of biodiversity. It first looks at the conflicts and complementaries between agriculture and biodiversity, touching on global trends, interactions between the two, services, and biodiversity as an input to agriculture. ... See More +

Publication 16332 FEB 28, 1997

Pagiola, Stefano; Kellenberg, John; Vidaeus, Lars; Srivastava, Jitendra