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Learning from IDA experience : lessons from IEG evaluations (English)

At the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, world leaders endorsed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). ... See More +

Working Paper 107279 JAN 01, 2016

Sun,Xiaolun; Dani,Anis A.; Guerrero Ortiz,Ramon Pablo; Li,Xue; Tyrrell,Anthony Martin; Batra,Geeta; Huppi,Monika; Gaarder,Marie; York, Nick; Heider,Caroline Disclosed

The low-income countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States : progress and challenges in transition (English)

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the commonwealth of independent states (CIS-7) faced exceptional challenges in building new states, democratic institutions, and market economies. ... See More +

Publication 99011 JAN 01, 2004

Khan,Mohammed Mohsin; Katsu,Shigeo; Otoo,Samuel K. E.; Sattar,Sarosh; Vashakmadze,Ekaterine T.; Helbling, Thomas; Mody,Ashoka; Sahay,Ratna; Lane, Philip R.; Pomfret,Richard W.; Betley,Mary; Falkingham,Jane C.; Cord,Louise J.; Lopez,Ramon E.; Huppi,Monika; Melo,Oscar A.; Jones Luong,Pauline; Vandycke,Nancy L.; Michalopoulos,Constantine; Kennedy, David; Fankhauser,Samuel; Raiser,Martin Disclosed

Promoting rural cooperatives in developing countries : the case of sub-Saharan Africa (English)

The economic crisis in sub - Saharan Africa presents a major challenge to donors and to policy-makers. After an initial period of growth following independence, most African economies faltered, then failed. ... See More +

Publication WDP121 APR 30, 1991

Braverman, Avishay; Guasch, J. Luis; Huppi, Monika; Pohlmeier, Lorenz

Measuring changes in poverty : a methodological case study of Indonesia during an adjustment period (English)

Analysis of the effects of policy changes on the poor is often hindered by the difficulties inherent in measuring poverty and comparing levels of poverty before and after policy changes. ... See More +

Journal Article 14202 JAN 31, 1991

Ravallion, Martin; Huppi, Monika

The World Bank economic review 5(1) (English)

Comparing poverty rates internationally: lessons from recent studies in developed countries. Poverty in Palanpur. Measuring changes in poverty: a methodological case study of Indonesia during an adjustment period. ... See More +

Publication 17596 JAN 31, 1991

Atkinson, Anthony B.; Lanjouw, Peter; Stern, Nicholas; Ravallion, Martin; Huppi, Monika; Hoff, Karla; Skinner, Jonathan; Feder, Gershon; Feeny, David; Migot-Adholla, Shem

The sectoral structure of poverty during an adjustment period : evidence for Indonesia in the mid-1980s (English)

The authors examine the structure of poverty in Indonesia by sector of employment, and how it changed during the adjustment period, 1984 to 1987. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS529 OCT 31, 1990

Huppi, Monika; Ravallion, Martin

The World Bank research observer 5 (2) (English)

The economics of the government budget constraint. Reforming property rights in land and tenancy. Inflation and the costs of stabilization: historical and recent experiences and policy lessons. ... See More +

Publication 17504 JUL 31, 1990

Fischer, Stanley; Easterly, William; Bell, Clive; Solimano, Andres; Huppi, Monika; Feder, Gershon; Cox, Donald; Jimenez, Emmanuel

The role of groups and credit cooperatives in rural lending (English)

Lending groups and credit cooperatives have the potential to provide affordable credit to small-scale farmers because they can reduce transaction costs and lower the risk of default. ... See More +

Journal Article 77001 JUL 01, 1990

Huppi, Monika; Feder, Gershon Disclosed

The role of groups and credit cooperatives in rural lending (English)

Processing and collection costs of loans made to small farmers are high relative to the amount lent. Lending groups and credit cooperatives have been ascribed the potential to reach small farmers with affordable credit because the processing of one large loan rather than numerous small loans may allow for savings in administrative costs. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS284 OCT 31, 1989

Huppi, Monika; Feder, Gershon

Poverty and undernutrition in Indonesia during the 1980s (English)

Indonesia adjusted rapidly to sharply falling external terms of trade during the 1980's - using a classic package of currency devaluation, budgetary and monetary restraint, and regulatory relaxation. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS286 SEP 30, 1989

Ravallion, Martin; Huppi, Monika