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Croatia - Justice sector public expenditure and institutional review : resourcing the justice sector for efficiency and performance (English)

Croatia, the newest member-state of the European Union (EU), undertook significant justice reforms during the last decade. Many were part of its justice-related EU accession process, including the enactment and implementation of new laws and amendment of others, improved case management and enforcement and computerization of land registers. ... See More +

Public Expenditure Review ACS7424 OCT 01, 2014

Dorotinsky,William Leslie; Fozzard,Adrian; Harrold,Peter C.; Islam,Roumeen; Murthi,Mamta; Tsikata,Yvonne M. Disclosed

Challenges to enterprise performance in the face of the financial crisis : Eastern Europe and Central Asia (English)

This report takes stock of enterprise sector performance in 29 countries in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region and its key drivers: access to finance, infrastructure, and labor. ... See More +

Publication 62703 JUN 10, 2011

Kisunko, Gregory; Clarke, George; Cull, Robert; Johns, Kimberly; Schiffbauer, Marc; Tiongson, Erwin; Ubee, Ricky; Tsikata, Yvonne; Islam, Roumeen Disclosed

Accelerating trade and integration in the Caribbean : policy options for sustained growth, job creation, and poverty reduction (English)

This volume builds on the foundation laid by the 2005 report by focusing on the factors affecting the region's competitiveness and the critical role that the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) has to play as a driver of integration and economic development. ... See More +

Publication 49623 JUL 17, 2009

Tsikata, Yvonne; Moreira, Emmanuel Pinto; Hamilton, Pamela Coke Disclosed

Aid and reform in Africa (English)

This book synthesizes the findings from ten case studies that investigate whether, when, and how foreign aid affected economic policy in Africa, and reveals the range of African policy experience. ... See More +

Publication 22118 APR 30, 2001

Devarajan, Shantayanan; Dollar, David R.; Holmgren, Torgny [editors); Tsikata, Yvonne M.; Kasekende, Louis; Atingi-Ego, Michael; Ddamulira, Daniel; Abegaz, Berhanu; Guillaumont, Patrick; Guillaumont Jeanneney, Sylviane; Amprou, Jacky; Cheick Sidibe, Oumar; Bigsten, Arne; Mutalemwa, Deogratias; Wangwe, Samuel; Berg, Elliot; Pegatienan, Jacques; O'Brien, F.S.; Ryan, Terry C.I.; Rakner, Lise; van de Walle, Nicolas; Mulaisho,Dominic; Kiakwama, Gilbert; Chevallier, Jerome

Aid and reform in Tanzania (English)

The purpose of this study is to get a better understanding of the causes of policy reform in Tanzania. Specifically we will investigate if and how aid has encouraged, generated, influenced, supported or even retarded reforms. ... See More +

Working Paper 35728 AUG 01, 1999

Bigsten, Arne; Mutalemwa, Deogratias; Tsikata, Yvonne; Wangwe, Samuel Disclosed