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How to integrate gender issues in climate-smart agriculture projects : training module (English)

Climate change poses a huge threat to the agricultural sector and food security: about 75 percent of the world’s poor men and women live in rural areas and depend on agriculture, forestry, and fisheries for their livelihood. ... See More +

Working Paper 122208 OCT 02, 2017

Kononen,Minna Maria; Sisto, Ilaria; Sadler,Marc Peter; Karttunen,Anna Kaisa; Taivalmaa,Sanna Liisa Disclosed

Adapting to climate variability : learning from past experience and the role of institutions (English)

Adaptation to human-induced climate change is currently receiving a lot of attention in international development circles. But throughout human existence, natural resource-dependent people have exploited and coped with the effects of climate variability on the ecosystems from which they derive a living. ... See More +

Working Paper 64372 AUG 01, 2011

Ruijs, Arjan; Bel, Mark de; Kononen, Minna; Linderhof, Vincent; Polman, Nico Disclosed

Area-based development, local institutions and climate adaptation : a comparative analysis from West Africa and Latin America (English)

This report on adaptation to climate variability and change draws together the conclusions of a series of comparative case studies undertaken for the Area-Based Development and Climate Change (ABDCC) project of the Social Development Department of the World Bank. ... See More +

Working Paper 63886 JUL 01, 2011

Agrawal, Arun; Mearns, Robin; Perrin, Nicolas; Kononen, Minna Disclosed

Costing adaptation through local institutions village survey results : Ethiopia (English)

In Ethiopia, village surveys were conducted in six villages and two expert workshops were organized to discuss the organization of the study and to evaluate the draft results. ... See More +

Working Paper 66559 FEB 01, 2011

Perrin, Nicolas; Mearns, Robin; Kononen, Minna; Kuriakose, Anne; Agrawal, Arun Disclosed

Costing adaptation through local institutions village survey results : Mali (English)

This report presents the results of the World Bank funded project on Costing Adaptation through Local Institutions (CALI). The objectives of the CALI project are to: (1) identify the costs of adaptation through local institutions, and (2) investigate which institutions support households in adapting to climate variability, what efforts and costs are needed to realize the adaptation options, and how they facilitate adaptation to climate variability. ... See More +

Working Paper 66560 FEB 01, 2011

Perrin, Nicolas; Mearns, Robin; Kononen, Minna; Kuriakose, Anne; Agrawal, Arun Disclosed

Climate policy processes, local institutions, and adaptation actions : mechanisms of translation and influence (English)

This paper focuses on the experience of the national level adaptation planning efforts and the lessons that can be derived for more effective adaptation from an examination of local governance of development and natural resources. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 51414 JUN 01, 2009

Agrawal, Arun; Perrin, Nicolas; Chhatre, Ashwini; Benson, Catherine; Kononen, Minna; Disclosed

The role of local institutions in adaptation to climate change (English)

This paper examines the relationships between climate-related vulnerabilities, adaptation practices, institutions, and external interventions to show the role and importance of local institutions in climate change. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 51413 JUN 01, 2009

Agrawal, Arun ; Kononen, Minna ; Perrin, Nicolas Disclosed