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Stimulating demand for AIDS prevention : lessons from the RESPECT trial (English)

HIV-prevention strategies have yielded only limited success so far in slowing down the AIDS epidemic. This paper examines novel intervention strategies that use incentives to discourage risky sexual behaviors. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS5973 FEB 01, 2012

de Walque, Damien; Dow, William H.; Medlin, Carol; Nathan, Rose Disclosed

Incentivising safe sex : a randomised trial of conditional cash transfers for HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention in rural Tanzania (English)

The authors evaluated the use of conditional cash transfers as an HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention strategy to incentivize safe sex. ... See More +

Journal Article 102459 DEC 19, 2011

De Walque,Damien B. C. M.; William H Dow; Nathan,Rose; Ramadhani Abdul; Faraji Abilahi; Gong,Erick Joseph; Isdahl,Zachary; Jamison,Julian C; Boniphace Jullu; Krishnan,Suneeta; Albert Majura; Miguel,Edward A.; Jeanne Moncada; Sally Mtenga; Mathew Alexander Mwanyangala; Packel,Laura Jane; Julius Schachter; Kizito Shirima; Medlin,Carol Ann Disclosed

Potential applications of conditional cash transfers for prevention of sexually transmitted infections and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

A growing number of developing countries have introduced conditional cash transfer programs that provide money to poor families with certain contingencies attached - such as requiring school attendance or regular immunization and health check-ups. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS4673 JUL 01, 2008

Medlin, Carol; de Walque, Damien Disclosed