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Building monitoring and evaluation capacity in the Republic of Yemen (English)

This note disseminates key lessons learned from the World Bank financed project in the Republic of Yemen, monitoring and evaluation of the poverty reduction strategy paper and reform programs, which established and operationalized a poverty reduction strategy monitoring unit. ... See More +

Brief 76976 MAR 01, 2013

Ivins, Ingrid; Hwang, Helena Disclosed

Enhancing access to micro-data in the Middle East and North Africa (English)

Greater transparency and accountability has been one of the core issues behind the current upheavals in the region. Similarly, lack of or inability to gain access to data has been a long standing complaint by local and international agencies and organizations. ... See More +

62226 MAY 01, 2011

Angel-Urdinola, Diego F.; Hilger,Anne; Ivins,Ingrid B. Disclosed