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Managing water resources to maximize sustainable growth : a World Bank water resources assistance strategy for Ethiopia (English)

This note contains a summary, for practitioners, of the World Bank Country Water Resources Assistance Strategy (CWRAS) report: it concerns managing water resources to maximize sustainable growth and focuses on World Bank water resources assistance strategy for Ethiopia (March 2006). ... See More +

Brief 44735 JUN 01, 2008

Sadoff, Claudia

Can water undermine growth? : evidence from Ethiopia (English)

In Ethiopia the centrality of water is clear. With little water resources infrastructure, relatively weak management institutions and capacity, extreme hydrological variability and seasonality, and a highly vulnerable economy, Ethiopia faces an enormous challenge in building the minimum platform of water infrastructure and management capacity needed to achieve water security. ... See More +

Brief 37632 SEP 01, 2006

Sadoff, Claudia

Global issues for global citizens : an introduction to key development challenges (English)

This book grew out of the Global Issues seminars and is itself a testament to that two-way dialogue: the suggestion to compile the speakers' lecture notes into a book came from the students themselves. ... See More +

Publication 37452 AUG 01, 2006

Bhargava, Vinay; Chuhan, Punam; Claessens, Stijin; Bhargava, Vinay; Varma, Sona; Goldin, Ian; Anderson, Kym; Nash, John D.; Cleaver, Kevin; Okidegbe, Nwanze; De Nys, Erwin; Balachander, Jayshree; Kagia, Ruth; Shekar, Meera; Lee, Yi-Kyoung; Noble, Ian; Watson, Robert T.; Saghir, Jamal; O'Sullivan, Kyran; Sadoff, Claudia; Kemper, Karin; Grey, David; Kelleher, Kieran; Weber, Michael L.; Kuroda, Kazuhide; Avalle, Oscar; Curioni, Gaspard; Gurkhan, Asli

Water for growth and development (English)

The immediate goal of this paper is therefore to provoke discussion and strengthen understanding of the importance of water resources management and development in enabling responsible economic growth and poverty alleviation - fully mindful of the fact that this is just one of many aspects that must be weighed and understood in managing water resources. ... See More +

Working Paper 44217 JAN 01, 2006

Sadoff, Claudia; Grey, David

Cooperation on international rivers : a continuum for securing and sharing benefits (English)

It is generally accepted that conflicting demands over international rivers will intensify. There is an active debate on whether this will lead to water wars or to unprecedented cooperation. ... See More +

Working Paper 44182 DEC 01, 2005

Sadoff, Claudia W; Grey, David

Africa's international rivers : an economic perspective (English)

Cooperative management, and development of Africa's international rivers holds real promise for greater sustainability, and productivity of the continent's increasingly scarce water resources, and fragile environment. ... See More +

Publication 25396 JAN 31, 2003

Sadoff, Claudia W.; Whittington, Dale; Grey, David

The price of dirty water : pollution costs in the Sebou Basin (English)

This report is part of a series of assessments being undertaken on the environmental situation of a major watershed in Morocco, the Sebou River Basin. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 18267 JUN 30, 1996

Sadoff, Claudia W.