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Integrating disaster response and climate resilience in social protection programs in the Pacific Island Countries (English)

The Pacific island countries (PICs) are some of the most exposed to frequent natural disasters and climate shocks, and their vulnerability is increasing due to mounting effects of climate change as well as demographic and economic forces. ... See More +

Working Paper 100084 SEP 01, 2015

Costella,Cecilia Valentina; Ivaschenko,Oleksiy Disclosed

Targeting households vulnerable to disasters and climate change (English)

Disaster and climate related events exacerbate chronic and transitory poverty because poor and near-poor people have fewer coping and recovery mechanisms. ... See More +

Brief 91777 JUN 01, 2014

Costella, Cecilia; Ovadiya, Mirey Disclosed

Building resilience to disaster and climate change through social protection (English)

Natural disasters and climate change are among the greatest threats to development. Although natural disasters have always presented risks, climate change increases those risks and compounds them by adding a greater level of uncertainty. ... See More +

Working Paper 79621 MAY 01, 2013

Ovadiya, Mirey; Costella, Cecilia Disclosed

Climate responsive social protection (English)

In the years ahead, development efforts aiming at reducing vulnerability will increasingly have to factor in climate change, and social protection is no exception. ... See More +

Working Paper (Numbered Series) 67614 MAR 01, 2012

Kuriakose, Anne T.; Heltberg, Rasmus; Wiseman, William; Costella, Cecilia; Cipryk, Rachel; Cornelius, Sabine Disclosed

Resilience, equity and opportunity : the World Bank's social protection and labor strategy 2012-2022 - consultations report (English)

A decade has passed since the World Bank introduced its social risk management framework and launched its first social protection strategy. During that time, the work of the World Bank’s social protection sector has grown, innovated and played a critical role in supporting developing countries, most notably in managing the social impacts of the recent global economic crisis. ... See More +

Working Paper 82582 MAR 01, 2012

Costella, Cecilia; Kryeziu, Adea Disclosed

Design and implementation of public works programs through social funds (English)

Social funds (SFs) aim to alleviate poverty by creating and upgrading social and economic infrastructure, promoting income-generating activities, and supporting the development of civil society and social capital. ... See More +

Brief 54968 JUN 01, 2010

Costella, Cecilia V; Manjolo, Ida Disclosed