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Tracing back the weather origins of human welfare: evidence from Mozambique (English)

Mozambique is among the African countries most exposed to weather-related hazards. Using detailed gridded precipitation data for individuals' birth-year and birth-district, this study investigates the effects of extreme rainfall anomalies around the time of birth on long-run well-being. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8167 AUG 14, 2017

Baez Ramirez,Javier Eduardo; Caruso,German Daniel; Niu,Chiyu Disclosed

But … what is the poverty rate today? testing poverty nowcasting methods in Latin America and the Caribbean (English)

Poverty estimates usually lag behind two years, which makes it difficult to provide real-time poverty analysis to assess the impact of economic crisis and shocks among the less well-off, and subsequently limits policy responses. ... See More +

Policy Research Working Paper WPS8104 JUN 19, 2017

Caruso,German Daniel; Scot,Thiago; Castaneda, R. Andres; Lucchetti,Leonardo Ramiro; Malasquez,Eduardo Disclosed

Heat exposure and youth migration in Central America and the Caribbean (English)

Emerging evidence demonstrates migration may be used by individuals in the southern hemisphere to adapt to environmental changes. The authors build upon recent work in the region using a similar triple difference-in-difference quasi-experimental design and dataset to test whether repeated and or prolonged heat exposure affect inter-province migration. ... See More +

Journal Article 122568 MAY 01, 2017

Caruso,German Daniel; Baez Ramirez,Javier Eduardo; Mueller,Valerie Martina; Niu,Chiyu Disclosed