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Hydromet : improving monitoring and prediction of the impact of extreme meteorological and hydrological hazards (English)

Global facility for disaster reduction and recovery (GFDRR) is working to improve the ability of developing countries to understand, predict, and warn their citizens of meteorological and hydrological hazards. ... See More +

Brief 114487 JAN 01, 2017

Tsirkunov,Vladimir V. Disclosed

Improving weather, climate, and hydrological services delivery in Central Asia (Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan) (English)

The purpose of this report is to present the results of an assessment of national weather, climate, and hydrological services in Central Asia and to present a program to improve these services. ... See More +

Working Paper 102640 JAN 01, 2016

Rogers,David; Smetanina,Marina Igorevna; Tsirkunov,Vladimir V. Disclosed

Weather and climate resilience : effective preparedness through national meteorological and hydrological services (English)

The importance of weather, climate, and water1 information is rising because of the need to serve more elaborate societal needs, minimize growing economic losses, and help countries adapt to climate change. ... See More +

Publication 81113 SEP 12, 2013

Rogers, David P.; Tsirkunov, Vladimir V. Disclosed

Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction : costs and benefits of early warning systems (English)

This paper evaluates early warning measures to be taken during disaster situations. Early warning systems can prevent deaths, but usually there needs to be infrastructure in place to accommodate the people who heed the warnings. ... See More +

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 69358 JAN 01, 2010

Rogers, David ; Tsirkunov, Vladimir Disclosed