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Environment matters at the World Bank : banking on biodiversity - 2009 annual review (English)

This issue of environment matters celebrates the 2010 international year of biodiversity and describes some of the challenges and opportunities in protecting biodiversity for the benefit of humankind. ... See More +

Publication 56050 JAN 01, 2010


Environment matters at the World Bank - annual review 2005 (English)

In line with one of the major themes in the Bank's Environment Strategy, this 2005 annual review is devoted to the theme of environmental health. ... See More +

Publication 34110 JUN 30, 2005

Leitner, Kerstin Dr.; Penalosa, Enrique; Trace, Simon; Smith, Kirk R.; Acharya, Anjali; Tsutsui, Eri; Ruta, Giovanni; Sarraf, Maria; Kaufmann, Rachel; Ahmed, Kulsum; Awe, Yewande; Constant, Samantha; Procee, Paul; Tynan, Ellen; Bojo, Ian [editor] Disclosed

Environment matters at the World Bank : Environment matters at the World Bank : annual review 2001 (English)

Johannesburg 2002 must be about people, planet, and prosperity; by Mohammed Valli Moosa. Making sustainable commitments - an environment strategy for the World Bank; by Kristalina I. ... See More +

Publication 23955 JAN 01, 2001

Hamilton, Kirk; Pagiola, Stefano; Livernash, Rober T. [editors]; Valli Moosa, Mohammed; Georgieva, Kristalina I.; Moore, Judith; Lovei, Magda; Bojo, Jan; Johnson, Todd; Mercier, Jean Roger; Kiss, Agi; Dore, Giovanna; Serra, Teresa; Sarraf, Maria; Brandon, Carter; Miller, Shawn; Acharya, Anjali; Abuyuan, Alethea Mariel T.

Annual review of environment matters at the World Bank (English)

New strategies, strengthened partnerships; by Robert T. Watson. The Bank's evolving environmental agenda - achievements and future challenges; by Magda Lovei, and Anjali Acharya. ... See More +

Publication 20104 DEC 31, 1999

Watson, Robert T.; Mercier, Jean-Roger; Lovei, Magda; Acharya, Anjali; Dore, Giovanna; Kraus, Christiane; Collier, J.B.; Culbard, Lis; Van Veldhuizen, Harvey; Bucknall,Julia; Lvovsky, Kseniya; Tunali Payton, Odil; Newcombe, Ken; Gordon, Anita; Hirji, Rafik; McPhail, Kathryn; Kugi, Verena; Brisson, Jean-Philippe; Hale, Monica; Britel-Swift, Mariam; Bouzaher, Aziz

Environment matters at the World Bank : World Bank environmental projects July 1996-June 1997 (English)

This volume consists of four parts: 1) "World Bank Group - Portfolio of Projects to Protect the Environment" lists projects with primarily environmental objectoives that were approved by the board in Fiscal Year (FY) 97. ... See More +

Publication 17688 JUN 30, 1997


Environment matters at the World Bank (English)

Five years after Rio : the World Bank's environmental professionals take stock; by Andrew Steer. Persuasion and incentives : new ways to achieve a cleaner world; by Hanrahan, David. ... See More +

Publication 21284 APR 30, 1997

Fleming, Clare [editor]; Steer, Andrew; Hanrahan, David; Landrigan, Steven; Briscoe, John; Asad, Musa; Davis, Sandy; Agarwal, Anil; Rees, Colin; Whitford, Peter; Hancock, Lucy; Post, Jan; Lintner, Steve; Tandberg, Eivind; Hamilton, Kirk; Kunte, Aru; Dixon, John