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Risking your health : causes, consequences, and interventions to prevent risky behaviors (English)

A growing share of the burden of disease across the world is associated with risky behaviors by individuals. Drug use, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy eating causing obesity, and unsafe sex are highly prevalent in low-income countries, even though they are traditionally associated with richer countries. ... See More +

Publication 82470 NOV 18, 2013

de Walque, Damien [editor] Disclosed

The right skills for the job? Rethinking training policies for workers (English)

This book addresses the question of how to build and upgrade job relevant skills. Specifically, the authors focus on three types of training programs relevant for individuals who are leaving formal general schooling or are already in the labor market: pre-employment technical and vocational education and training (TVET); on-the-job training (OJT); and training-related active labor market programs (ALMPs). ... See More +

Publication 70908 JAN 01, 2012

Almeida, Rita; Behrman, Jere; Robalino, David Disclosed

No small matter : the impact of poverty, shocks, and human capital investments in early childhood development (English)

The relative lack of attention to early childhood development in many developing countries remains a puzzle, and an opportunity. There is increasing evidence that investments in the nutritional, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of young children have high payoffs. ... See More +

Publication 60041 FEB 24, 2011

Alderman, Harold Disclosed

Making schools work : new evidence on accountability reforms (English)

This book is about the threats to education quality that cannot be explained by lack of resources. It reviews service delivery failures in education: cases where programs and policies increase inputs to education but do not produce effective services where it counts in the classroom. ... See More +

Publication 60050 FEB 24, 2011

Bruns, Barbara; Filmer, Deon; Patrinos, Harry Anthony Disclosed