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Update on IDA's crisis response window (English)

This report is an update on Crisis Response Window (CRW) resources that have been used so far in IDA17. International Development Association's (IDA) emergency support has been extended to several crisis-hit countries since the start of IDA17. ... See More +

Board Report 100994 NOV 09, 2015


IDA17 mid-term review : progress report on inclusive growth (English)

IDA17 has identified inclusive growth as a priority for IDA countries. The special theme recognizes that growth alone, is insufficient for achieving the World Bank Group (WBG) goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030. ... See More +

Board Report 100927 NOV 09, 2015


IDA17 mid-term review : strengthening support to fragile and conflict-affected states - progress report (English)

Supporting fragile and conflict affected states (FCS)8 is a priority for the World Bank Group (WBG) and the international community. These countries are often marked by weak governance and institutions and a fractured society. ... See More +

Board Report 100928 NOV 02, 2015


IDA17 mid-term review : enhancing IDA's financial support in IDA17 - proposal for scale-up facility (English)

The World Bank Group (WBG) is exploring options to enhance its ability to respond to the ambition of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. ... See More +

Board Report 100929 NOV 02, 2015


Maximizing development impact : IDA17 implementation and results progress report (English)

Part one of the paper discusses IDA17 implementation in relation to the elements of the overarching theme and the 19 associated policy commitments. ... See More +

Board Report 101018 NOV 01, 2015


Gender equality progress report (English)

This paper responds to this request and focuses on the early performance on monitorable actions under IDA17 thus far. Given the limited time period covered since the start of IDA17, the preliminary findings reported herein should be interpreted with caution. ... See More +

Board Report 100044 SEP 28, 2015


Follow-up on IDA's graduation policy and proposal for transitional support for graduating countries : IDA resource mobilization department concessional finance and global partnerships (English)

Following up on the IDA16 mid-term review (MTR) discussion, this paper provides additional information on the countries expected to graduate at the end of the IDA16 period and presents a proposal for transitional support to IDA graduates. ... See More +

Board Report 75832 MAR 01, 2013


Issues remaining from the IDA16 mid-term review IDA resource mobilization department concessional finance and global partnerships (English)

At the International Development Association (IDA)16 mid-term review (MTR), participants reviewed the following: (i) the implementation of the IDA crisis response window (CRW); and (ii) the provision of grants to regional organizations. ... See More +

Board Report 75831 FEB 01, 2013