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Commodity bonds : a risk management instrument for developing countries (English)

In the 1980-86 period commodity earnings fluctuations increased and commodity prices declined sharply, adding to the difficulties of managing the balance sheets of firms in the commodity business. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper DWC8712 NOV 30, 1987

Priovolos, Theophilos

Substitutability of metals in U.S. industry (English)

The study has analyzed the substitutability and technological bias of inputs in the production process of five metal-intensive US industries, namely chemicals, fabricated metals, cans and containers, machinery, electrical equipment and transportation equipment by estimating their cost functions with the use of appropriately constrained translog cost functions and the assumption of separability between factors. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper DWC8711 NOV 30, 1987

Priovolos, Theophilos; Dunietz, Tamar

Metals market efficiency in relation to foreign exchange and financial markets (English)

The paper reports on the results of an extension of the testing of the efficiency of metal trades at the London Metal Exchange (LME). The results are predominantly positive. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper DWC8709 OCT 31, 1987

Gilbert, Christopher L. Disclosed

On understanding investment behavior in perennial crops production (English)

The supply behavior of the producers of perennials has long been recognized as a complex, multifaceted problem in agricultural development economics. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper DWC8708 OCT 31, 1987

Trivedi, P.K. Disclosed

Leads and lags in commodity prices : an application of cross-spectral analysis (English)

This paper reports the results of an application of spectral analysis to the short- and medium-term forecasting of primary commodity prices. The study posited and set out to identify three categories of systematic behavior within the commodity price series: (i) behavior which is inherent to the commodity market itself; (ii) behavior which reflects the impact of systematic behavior in another commodity market, e.g. substitutes or complements; and (iii) behavior which reflects movements which are common to all prices in the economy, as a result of, say, monetary policy changes. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper DWC8707 AUG 31, 1987

Buchinsky, Moshe Disclosed

Merchandise trade deflators for developing countries (English)

The present paper describes some preliminary work done in the Economic Analysis and Projections Department of the World Bank to construct a set of international trade deflators for a large number of developing countries. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper DWC8607 MAY 31, 1986

Moran, Christian; Jong-Goo Park