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From reconstruction to commerce : community development councils transform social capital into economic capital in Afghanistan (English)

In 2003, the Afghanistan National Solidarity Project (NSP) was created to improve the lives of the rural poor through post-conflict, community-driven reconstruction. ... See More +

Brief 83237 JAN 01, 2010

Terasawa, Miki; Karim, Zishan; Takada, Mio Disclosed

Creating jobs for rural youth in Andhra Pradesh, India (English)

One job per poor rural family. This is the goal of the Employment Generation & Marketing Mission (EGMM), which was established in 2005 by the Andhra Pradesh Rural Poverty Reduction Program (APRPRP). ... See More +

Brief 77215 JAN 01, 2010

Shenoy, Meera; Lakhey, Smriti; Shah, Parmesh Disclosed

Innovative forest livelihoods through community forest management : the experience of Andhra Pradesh, India (English)

Despite the government's best efforts, forests in India diminished for decades due to illegal harvesting, uncontrolled cutting of minor (or non-timber) forest products by the poor, excessive grazing, and wildfires. ... See More +

Brief 83201 FEB 01, 2009

Ghosh, Sanchita; Milne, Grant; Kalaghatgi, Ramesh Disclosed

Rajasthan - Milking profits from dairy farming (English)

Unlike income generated from crop production, which is seasonal in Rajasthan, dairying is a source of a stable income bringing in cash on a daily basis and providing livelihoods security. ... See More +

Brief 83200 JAN 01, 2009

Ghosh, Sanchita; Das, Samik Sundar; Khan, Asmeen Disclosed

Farmers as owners : Madhya Pradesh, India - improving livelihoods through community-owned institutions (English)

The state of Madhya Pradesh is one of India's leading agricultural states where the contribution of agriculture to the state gross domestic product is 26.9 percent (Yr 2001-02), while the total working population in this sector is 72 percent. ... See More +

Brief 45494 JUN 01, 2008

Ghosh, Sanchita; Sen, Biswajit; Disclosed

Community-managed food security enterprises in Andhra Pradesh, India (English)

Rice is a staple food for people in Andhra Pradesh, who buy most of it (70 percent) on the open market and get the balance (30 percent) from the Public Distribution System (PDS). ... See More +

Brief 42729 DEC 01, 2007

Mohan, Vijay; Takada, Mio; Kalavakonda, Vijaysekar; Banerjee, Shweta; Shah, Parmesh Disclosed

India Karnataka Watershed Development Sujala Project : innovation in participatory watershed development to improve natural resource productivity and rural livelihoods (English)

The Karnataka Watershed Development Project (KWDP), known locally as Sujala, was initiated in the year 2001 and is being implemented in seven districts of Karnataka. ... See More +

Brief 42725 DEC 01, 2007

Milne, Grant Disclosed

Community-managed microfinance : a new model from Sri Lanka (English)

The Village Savings and Credit Organization (VSCO) is a community-managed microfinance organization developed in Sri Lanka under the Community Development and Livelihood Improvement Project, or Gemi Diriya. ... See More +

Brief 42732 DEC 01, 2007

Munshi, Meena; Ritchie, Anne; Nair, Ajai Disclosed

Making markets work for the poor : community-managed procurement centers for small and medium farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India (English)

Small and marginal farmers in rural Andhra Pradesh have been subject to intensive exploitation by moneylenders, traders, and middlemen. Lack of access to the market, lack of power to negotiate prices due to extreme poverty levels, and the daily challenge of meeting minimum subsistence needs had made them vulnerable to unfair terms of trade. ... See More +

Brief 42721 DEC 01, 2007

Rao, K.P.; Kalavakonda, Vijaysekar; Banerjee, Shweta S.; Shah, Parmesh Disclosed

Supporting the people sector : the South Asia experience in rural livelihoods development (English)

Experience in livelihoods programs in South Asia is generating lessons learned about this people sector and how to protect and develop the capacity of the poor to reach out to markets and services, whoever the provider is. ... See More +

Brief 41692 OCT 01, 2007

Hayward, Natasha; Brizzi, Adolfo Disclosed