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Navigating turbulent waters : addressing looming policy challenges for revived growth and improved living standards (English)

Papua New Guinea's (PNGs) economy has slowed from the very strong growth rates of recent years, as construction of the PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility nears completion and export prices weaken, weighing on domestic activity. ... See More +

Brief 83242 DEC 04, 2013

Bulman, Tim; Suri, Vivek; Bailey, Laura; Shetty, Sudhir; Adelman, Melissa; Cairns, Alan; Gibson, John; Knight, David; Irava, Wayne; Narimatsu, Junko; Sharma, Manohar; Somanathan, Aparnaa; Sur, Mona Disclosed

From the last days of the boom to lasting improvements in living standards (English)

In 2012 PNG's economy enjoyed what it is likely to be the last year of strong growth for most sectors of PNG's economy in this economic cycle. ... See More +

Brief 75435 JAN 01, 2013

Bulman, Tim Disclosed

The challenge of transforming today's boom into better living standards for tomorrow (English)

Papua New Guinea (PNG's) strong economic expansion continued into early 2012, but the forces propelling this growth are likely to have peaked. The moderation in growth and expanded supply capacity will slow recent rapid price growth. ... See More +

Brief 72446 JAN 01, 2012

Bulman, Tim Disclosed

Enjoying the opportunities and facing the challenges of resurgent commodity prices (English)

Resurgent commodity prices are benefiting Papua New Guinea's economy. The economy expanded at its fastest pace since the early 1990s, as investors built the infrastructure to access the country's rich store of natural resources, and these investments supported business conditions across the economy. ... See More +

Brief 61839 APR 01, 2011