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Financing health care (English)

Health care costs are escalating rapidly in many countries. While many factors contribute to rising costs, health insurance plays a part by shielding patients and physicians from the real cost. ... See More +

Brief 62466 MAY 01, 2003

Taylor, Rob; Blair, Simon Disclosed

Concessions for infrastructure : a guide to their design and award (English)

This report provides a guide to the complex range of issues and options related to design, award, implementation, monitoring, and modification of concessions. ... See More +

Publication WTP399 MAR 31, 1998

Kerf, Michael; Gray, R. David; Irwin, Timothy; Levesque, Celine; Taylor, Robert R.; Klein, Michael

Technology institutions and policies - their role in developing technological capability in industry (English)

This study of six industries in eight economies examined the role in building industrial technological capability played by outside sources particularly technology institutions (TIs) such as research and standards organizations and by directed policies such as tax incentives. ... See More +

Publication WTP383 NOV 30, 1997

Goldman, Melvin; Ergas, Henry; Ralph, Eric; Felker,

Privatization and restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe : evidence and policy options (English)

This paper analyzes the financial and operating data (1992 to 1995) for more than 6,300 industrial firms in seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe--Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia. ... See More +

Publication WTP368 AUG 31, 1997

Pohl, Gerhard; Anderson, Robert E.; Claessens, Stijn; Djankov, Simeon