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Central America's intra and extra-regional trade potential : a gravity model approach to understanding regional integration (English)

As tariffs and other formal barriers to trade have fallen across developing and industrialized regions, transport and logistics costs have become, in many cases, the biggest cost factor in the final price of delivered goods. ... See More +

Policy Paper 88017 NOV 01, 2010

Gordillo, Darwin Marcelo; Stokenberga, Aiga; Schwartz, Jordan Disclosed

Logistics, transport and food prices in LAC : Policy guidance for improving efficiency and reducing costs (English)

Despite its image as a self-sustaining region in agricultural production, about one-third of the population of LAC lives in net food importing countries, and most of the region’s net food exporting countries import a large and growing segment of their food as well. ... See More +

Policy Paper 70796 AUG 01, 2009

Guasch, Jose Luis; Schwartz,Jordan Z.; Stokenberga,Aiga; Wilmsmeier,Gordon Disclosed

The contribution of people's participation : evidence from 121 rural water supply projects (English)

Field observations have led many people to believe that beneficiary participation in decision making can contribute greatly to the success of development projects. ... See More +

Publication 14904 JUL 31, 1995


The contribution of people's participation : evidence from 121 rural water supply projects (English)

The study is based on systematic quantitative and qualitative analysis of 121 rural water supply funded by many different water supply agencies in countries throughout the developing world. ... See More +

Publication 38294 JUL 01, 1995

Narayan, Deepa

Making development sustainable : from concepts to action (English)

Since the establishment of the Environment Department in 1987, the Bank has made a concentrated effort to incorporate environmental concerns into its lending and advisory activities. ... See More +

Publication 13547 SEP 30, 1994

Serageldin, Ismail [editor]; Steer, Andrew [editor]; Cernea, Michael M.; Dixon, John A.; Lutz, Ernst; Margulis, Sergio; Munasinghe, Mohan; Rees, Colin Disclosed