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Guidelines : formulation and implementation of national action plans to combat illegal logging and other forest crime - draft for discussion (English)

Illegal activities in the forest sector, especially illegal logging, have become a major topic on the global forestry agenda. Globally, it is estimated that that illegal logging in public lands alone causes losses in assets and revenue in excess of USD 10 billion annually (World Bank 2002). ... See More +

Working Paper 56160 JUN 01, 2006


Integrated coastal zone management of coral reefs : decision support modeling (English)

Coral reefs, also referred to as "rainforests of the sea", are vital to the source of food and livelihood of millions of people. However, in 1997 and 1998 elevated sea surface temperature in many tropical regions triggered widespread bleaching and the heaviest mortality of corals. ... See More +

Publication 20263 FEB 29, 2000

Gustavson, Kent; Huber, Richard M.; Ruitenbeek, Jack [editors]