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A new global tea model : specification, estimation, and simulation (English)

The model of the world tea economy described herein has a number of general features which are shared by other econometric commodity models. The stylized version of an econometric agricultural commodity market model usually contains supply equations for the major producers, demand equations for major consumers and either inventory demand equations or price equations. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper SCP17 MAR 31, 1987

Takamasa Akiyama; Trivedi, Pravin K.

Jute supply response in Bangladesh (English)

This paper uses quantitative methods to identify major factors affecting jute supply in Bangladesh. As well as estimating the impact of the jute-to-rice price ratio on acreage harvested, estimates of the impact on jute supply of weather variations, labor costs, fertilizer availability, value of jute sticks and irrigation availability were also made. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper SCP13 SEP 30, 1985

Akiyama,Takamasa Disclosed

The world sugar economy : an econometric analysis of long term developments (English)

An econometric model to examine the growth pattern of the world sugar economy during the next decade is described. The projections are based on a detailed econometric analysis of sugar demand and production in major consuming and producing countries. ... See More +

Commodity Working Paper SCP5 NOV 30, 1980

de Vries, Jos