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Fiji - Country engagement note for the period FY2015 - 2017 (English)

This country engagement note (CEN) is the first World Bank Group (WBG) country strategy for the Republic of Fiji, marking the resumption of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) lending after a 23 year hiatus, and launching full WBG engagement. ... See More +

Country Re-engagement Note 93708 FEB 04, 2015


Regional engagement framework FY2006-2009 for Pacific Islands (English)

The nine Pacific Island countries (PICs) covered in this regional strategy face similar development challenges today, despite notable differences in history, culture, and endowments. ... See More +

Country Re-engagement Note 32261 MAY 03, 2005


Togo - Country re-engagement note : a joint framework for strengthening international assistance : Togo - Document de Reengagement - cadre conjoint de renforcement de l'assistance internationale (French)

This Country Re-engagement Note (CRN) aims at defining a strategic framework for World Bank and United Nations Development Program re-engagements in Togo over the next 12 to 18 months. ... See More +

Country Re-engagement Note 30538 NOV 11, 2004

English Disclosed

Togo - Country re-engagement note : a joint framework for strengthening international assistance (English)

Country Re-engagement Note NOV 11, 2004

French Disclosed

Central African Republic - Country-Re-engagement Note and additional activities (English)

The attached Country Re-engagement Note (CRN) provides an overview watching brief activities, which includes limited-scale capacity-building for planning, and analysis with national leadership, and the education sector, as well as ongoing support for HIV/AIDS prevention and control, through Project Preparation Advances. ... See More +

Country Re-engagement Note 29659 JUL 01, 2004

Liberia - Country Re-Engagement Note (English)

Liberia has undergone a profound change in the past year. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of August 2003, UN Security Council Resolutions 1509 and 1521, and the unusually strong collaborative work between the transitional government, and donors that followed, created a new spirit of hope after more than a decade of conflict. ... See More +

Country Re-engagement Note 28387 MAR 01, 2004


Sudan - Country Re-engagement Note (English)

In 2002, Sudan's civil war entered its twentieth consecutive year, where conflict and internal displacement of civilians have resulted in food insecurity in parts of the country, with continued loss of life. ... See More +

Country Re-engagement Note 26231 JUN 24, 2003


Somalia : Country re-engagement note (English)

As part of undertaking the World Bank Low-income Countries Under Stress (LICUS) approach in Somalia, this joint Bank and UNDP note sets forth the rationale for the use of their common resources to contribute to the provision of basic public goods, accelerate socio-economic recovery, and create an enabling environment for long-term institutional and policy change. ... See More +

Country Re-engagement Note 28276 APR 01, 2003