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PDIDAS Rapport Définitif sur le Contrôle Interne au Titre de l'Exercice 2016 PDF : PFPEC 2016 rapport sur l'exactitude et l'elligibilité des dépenses (Finnish)

Auditing Document AUD0008645 JUN 25, 2017

Sy,Fatim Seck Disclosed

Curbing the epidemic - governments and the economics of tobacco control (Finnish)

Besides the often asked questions on smokers' health related risks, and cost-bearing of their consumption choices, the report examines basically, the economic questions that policymakers should address when contemplating tobacco control, and, explores options for governments, in light of justified intervention decisions. ... See More +

Publication 19638 JAN 01, 2000

Slovak, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, French, Indonesian-Malay, Polish, German, Hungarian, Chinese, English Disclosed