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India - Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : சுற்றுச்சூழல் மற்றும் கடலூர் நகரம் சமூக மதிப்பீடு (தொகுப்பு 3) (Tamil)

The development objective of the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction Project for India is to reducing the vulnerability of coastal communities to a range of hydro- meteorological and geophysical hazards such as cyclones, storm surges, floods, tsunamis etc.; through building resilient infrastructure, enhancing livelihood and coastal risk management capacity of stake holders and improving the recipient's capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency. ... See More +

Environmental Assessment SFG3148 MAY 06, 2016

Mahesh,Vidya Disclosed

Sri Lanka - Reshaping economic geography : connecting people to prosperity : Overview (Tamil)

Economic progress is accompanied by a fundamental spatial transformation where the economic landscapes of countries become increasingly uneven. ... See More +

Working Paper 93867 AUG 01, 2010

Lall, Somik V.; Astrup, Claus; Felkner, John; Hon, Vivian; Miyata, Sachiko; Narain, Ashish; Rodrigo, Christopher; Sen, Binayak; Shilpi, Forhad English, Sinhala Disclosed

Sri Lanka - Country assistance strategy progress report (Tamil)

The Bank's strategy was designed to support implementation of the country's poverty reduction strategy (PRS), and was organized around three central themes: Peace, Growth and Equity. ... See More +

CAS Progress Report 34054 MAY 06, 2005

English, Sinhala Disclosed