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Guinea - Pooled-Fund for Basic Education Project : environmental assessment : Plan cadre de gestion environnementale et sociale (French)

The Pooled-Fund for Basic Education Project of Guinea will establish a social and environmental selection process that will allow the structures responsible for the implementation of the project to identify, assess and mitigate the potential environmental and social impacts of the Common Fund for Basic Education (FoCEB) activities at the planning stage. ... See More +

Environmental Assessment SFG1861 FEB 01, 2016

Majgaard,Kirsten Disclosed

Adult literacy : a review of implementation experience (English)

Worldwide, nearly a billion adults, at least 600 million of them women, are illiterate. Adult literacy is highly relevant to poverty alleviation efforts worldwide, because in the 21st century much of the information needed to make decisions and improve one's economic, personal, family, or political conditions is presented in written form. ... See More +

Working Paper 29387 SEP 15, 2003

Abadzi, Helen Disclosed

Educating adults in Uganda : findings and signals (English)

The note summarizes a 1999 evaluation of adult literacy programs in Uganda, which looked at the longer-term outcomes of these programs. Four main questions were addressed: How well do adult literacy students remember how to read, write, and calculate? ... See More +

Brief 23487 JAN 31, 2002

Oxenham, John French Disclosed

Adult education in Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

The note describes the major findings of the study "Engaging with adults", which reviews the international experience with adult basic education (ABE), with a focus on Africa. ... See More +

Brief 23310 NOV 30, 2001

Lauglo, Jon French Disclosed

The Norwegian Education Trust Fund for Africa : The Norwegian Education Trust Fund for Africa (English)

The main purpose of the financing provided through the Norwegian Education Trust Fund for Africa (NETF) is to help African countries prepare such education sector development and reform programs, which can put their education systems on a path towards good quality basic education for all. ... See More +

Working Paper 27300 NOV 01, 2001

Conformed Copy - C3552 - Education for All Project - Supplemental Letter 1 (English)

Side Letter AUG 08, 2001

Legal Dept of World Bank Disclosed

Engaging with adults : the case for increased support to adult basic education in Sub-Saharan Africa (English)

Despite the many positive impacts of adult basic education, support for ABE programs (including from the World Bank) has been relatively modest over the last two decades. ... See More +

Departmental Working Paper 22193 FEB 28, 2001

Lauglo, Jon French